Gaëlle Buswel "Black To Blue"
Bill Champlin revisits lost 1980s Chicago track “Sweet Marie” with TOBB

Milen Vrabevski, MD "My Kind O'Lovin'" featuring Simon Phillips, Joseph Williams & John Lawton


My Kind O’ Lovin’ is meant to carry the positive message of Intelligent Music Project I – The Power of Mind. The album will present you a veritable flood of emotions coming across in a very melodic way featuring guitar licks and spacious orchestral flourishes. The true magnitude of the super group is yet to be felt in the strong melodies with acoustic patterns and impressive vocals of undiminished power.

Recording sessions for drums (Simon Phillips) and vocals (Joseph Williams) took place at Simon Phillips’ Phantom Recordings studio. Producer and composer Vrabevski was provided full creative input by Simon Philips in developing the course of compositions and musical ideas.

Music and lyrics of all songs: Milen Vrabevski, MD


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