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Richard Marx "Beautiful Goodbye"


2014 release, the first album of new studio material from Richard Marx in six years. Every track on the album incorporates an orchestral element, and the recording of the tracks was, according to Marx, "a thrill beyond anything I've done in the studio. And singing these songs brought out what I believe are the most effortless vocals of my recording career, so far." All the tracks on BEAUTIFUL GOODBYE were written and produced by Marx except "Getaway," co-written and produced with Walter Afanasieff; "Forgot To Remember" co-written with Vertical Horizon frontman and frequent Marx collaborator, Matt Scannell; "Turn Off The Night" co-written with multi-hit songwriter David Hodges, and the title track, co-written with Daisy Fuentes.

BlackHawk "Brothers of the Southland"


BlackHawk exploded onto the country music landscape in 1993 with their self-titled album and Top 10 hit single Goodbye Says It All. Three more hit singles followed Every Once In A While, I Sure Can Smell The Rain and That s Just About Right, propelling the album to platinum status. BlackHawk maintained that pace in the years that followed, with 19 singles hitting Billboard s country chart, seven of which made the top 10.

Brothers of the Southland is the band s first studio release in 12 years. That long span between original recordings doesn't mean BlackHawk has been dormant all this time; thousands of satisfied, sweat-stained concert-goers from recent shows would be quick to testify otherwise. But the waiting has indeed been the hardest part before band mainstays Henry Paul and Dave Robbins could return with a new album that would boldly send the country music world a BlackHawk is back message. Their unique musical character has been a catalyst in bringing non-country well. Twenty-one years after their arrival, Blackhawk's legend grows.

Jim Photoglo "Halls Of My Heart"


"My new CD, HALLS OF MY HEART, is now available. It features 3 songs co-written by Gary Burr, and terrific performances by George Marinelli on electric guitar, Mark T. Jordan on keyboards, Griffin Photoglo on drums, and Kirby Shelstadt on percussion. David Hernandez-Burr and Kirby Shelstadt helped with the recording of percussion and drums. Ben Fowler handled the final mixes, and Eric Conn and Don Cobb of Independent Mastering provided the finishing touches.

Nancy Terzian captured the essence of the music with her design of the CD package with the help of Deone Jahnke’s brilliant photography. Thanks to Josh Leo and Renee LaRose-Leo for providing us with the setting. Thanks also to Bob Goldstone, Tom Scherkenbach of White Tiger Printing and Mary Hughes of ADS Group for putting it all together."

Jim Photoglo

CDs and downloads available here:


Chicago "NOW"


In the wild west of the 21st Century endeavour of making music, Chicago “NOW” is a new frontier for the iconic “rock band with horns”.  

Putting aside an awesome accumulation of honours, awards, accomplishments, numbers and peer respect, this remarkable group of talented musicians continues to make history with a new recording process geared towards musical excellence, doing the business of music “NOW”, while reckoning with the logistical realities of a world-wide touring band.  

Chicago, with Lee Loughnane spearheading, has customized a new recording system (dubbed “the Rig”) that is flexible, powerful, portable, and always travels with the band. “NOW” was performed across a number of locations (mostly hotel rooms), including Nashville, Cleveland, Toledo, New Jersey, Spokane, and many other points across the globe.  

In this new collaboration, each of the band’s songwriters becomes the “supervising producer” for their compositions. Hank Linderman, musician, and long-time studio engineer for Timothy B. Schmit (Eagles), Don Henley, America, and Robert Lamm, as well as other successful artists, is the “coordinating producer.” Hank catalogues the multitude of audio takes and files, bringing logistical and production musicality to a complex procedure. With much effort a private online collaboration portal was created to allow performances to be worked on, around the clock, from remote locations. Chicago has crafted band performances, in sync, with the songwriter, and is already working on their next collection of music!  

Originally formed as the CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY in 1967, the band found almost immediate success and have become a bona fide institution of American music. Their signature sound of solid rock songs augmented by the best horns in the business has endeared them to several generations of music fans.  Hit singles include “If You Leave Me Now,” “Saturday In The Park,” “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is,” “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day,” “25 or 6 to 4,” “Beginnings,” “I’m A Man,” “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,” “(I’ve Been) Searching So Long,” “Look Away,” “Just You And Me” and “Old Days,” among others.   

The band has accumulated 22 gold and 18 platinum records and, according to Billboard chart statistics, Chicago is second only to the Beach Boys as the most successful American rock band of all time, in terms of both albums and singles. Judged by album sales alone, as certified by the R.I.A.A., the band is still among the Top Ten best-selling U.S. groups ever.

Sunho Lim "What I regret The Most"


Who is Sunho Lim? I discover his videos on youtube a few years back where he covered songs from great singers such as Phil Perry, Kenny Loggins, Warren Wiebe and many others. He blew me away. Working at J Music Vocal School, Sunho Lim couldn’t keep his beautiful and powerful voice for himself. Gabriel Raya at Contante & Sonante gave him the opportunity to appear in « Highlights and Rarities », a David Foster tribute cd where Sunho performes « Forever » originally recorded by Kenny Loggins on his album « Vox Humana ».

Today marks a new step for Sunho who just released his first EP «What I regret the most ». 5 ballads showing the greatest of his vocals.

Lady Linn "High"


Suddenly I feel so free / I say goodbye to all of my worries / Taken over by / By this energy / Which I didn’t know that I had inside of me’. The opening lyrics of the song ‘Feeling Me’ on Lady Linn’s new record ‘High’ could be about the album’s sound palette.

On ‘High’, Lady Linn shamelessly flirts with electronic dance pop and Donna Summer-disco, beats and synths, and acoustic guitars. The trademark jazz rhythms of her two previous records reappear as well, but electronically arranged.

Lady Linn: ‘This time around, I really wanted to do things in a different way.’ As a songwriter, she was ready for a jump in the unknown. Instead of writing songs on her piano, as she did for her two previous records ‘Here We Go Again’ and ‘No Goodbye At All’, Lady Linn decided to write her new songs on the guitar. ‘I’m not that good on the guitar, but that was part of the game: I wanted to write really honest, straightforward songs. Just me and my guitar, not thinking of arrangements, just thinking songs.’

As a lyricist too, Lady Linn experienced a transformation of some sorts. Inspired by the gigs she did with her house-project FCL, where she covers house classics with her soulful voice, Lady Linn wrote more direct, heartfelt lyrics. ‘The lyrics of the house classics I sing with FCL are pure gospel, uncensored, raw emotions – things like ‘Heal My Heart’ by Kerri Chandler. Singing those lyrics was a very liberating experience: it made me less self-conscious when writing my own songs.’

The resulting songs are Lady Linn’s most honest to date. Guitarist Bruno De Groote (Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Axelle Red…) proved to be her perfect match in fine-tuning the songs. ‘Bruno is a very honest and original musician, I trusted him completely: he could reinterpret the songs as he liked.’ ‘High’ was produced by Renaud Letang (Jane Birkin, Feist…), with whom she also worked on her previous record ‘No Goodbye At All’. The French producer is another kindred spirit that Lady Linn trusts 100%. ‘Renaud took the songs in an electronic direction – the beats and dance sounds were his idea. And I just loved it!

What happened to Lady Linn’s Magnificent Seven? This is the first record that Lien De Greef releases as Lady Linn period, without the mentioning of the acoustic orchestra that drenched her first record ‘Here We Go Again’ in vintage swingjazz, and gave her second ‘No Goodbye At All’ a warm pop sound. Actually, Lady Linn dropped the group name because it didn’t suit the feel and sound of this album anymore, but on stage she’s still surrounded by her seven-piece band. The very first song that was recorded, was ‘High’: full on disco, inspired by soul singer Charles Bradley, oddly enough. ‘I saw his Pukkelpop gig on tv and almost started crying: such an honest artist, just pours his whole heart and soul in his performance.’


Heather Stewart "What It Is"


Heather Stewart is an Americana/acoustic rock singer/songwriter who you’d expect to see on a festival bill with Bonnie Raitt, Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow. She sees life the same way she writes and sings about – grounded and for what it is. She takes the good with the bad, and appreciates the beauty of both and the space in between. She sings with range, power and emotion, but it’s Heather’s down-to-earth realness that makes her so easily lovable and relatable. Heather now prepares to independently release her sophomore full-length album, What It Is, on October 8, 2013.

Heather Stewart is the conscious and connected music lover’s triple threat. It starts with her enchanting nature; she speaks from the heart and every song or live performance feels like a genuine conversation. “I want people to walk away feeling as if they just had a lovely, intimate dinner with me,” she says. “Where we discussed life, love and sex, drank wine and laughed a lot.”

It then flows to her fiery and courageous spirit, acquired from years of battling her own fears and insecurities about stepping into the spotlight. As a former television producer for E!’s Talk Soup, Heather was a pro when it came to working behind the scenes, but something about it just didn’t feel right. “Every time I did a sketch on camera for Talk Soup, (because all the actors were “in-house”, i.e. “free”), I would say to myself, ‘This is what I need to be doing.’” Heather’s curiosity and lifelong desire to be in front of the camera eventually beat out her otherwise awesome, cushy job and she quit, making music and acting her career. She now stands as a powerful female role model, encouraging other women to be who they are and to be as big and powerful as they want to be, no matter how long it takes nor where they are in their lives. Additionally, Heather proves she’s a force to be reckoned with because, quite simply stated, she can rock out. She also connects with people emotionally, and gets them to sing and move their bodies. “I want to laugh, cry and feel inspired with my audience,” she says. “If people walk away having been moved in some way or another, I’ve done my job.”

After her TV production resignation, Heather Stewart traveled a solid road before becoming one of Fresno, CA’s born and raised claims to fame. She toured with the Inda Eaton Band as a background vocalist, opening for Hootie & the Blowfish, LeAnn Rimes, John Hiatt and Blues Traveler. She gained some invaluable knowledge on that tour, like how to empty the sewage from the band “moho” (motor home) and that performing is not just about getting the notes right, but about connecting to the audience and taking them on the ride with you. Heather also wrote and performed a popular one-woman cabaret show, lent her voice to a track alongside Julie Andrews in “The Great American Mousical,” and currently also works as an actor in her home of Los Angeles, CA. In 2008, Heather independently released her debut album Life of the Party. Since then her music has been heard on television shows (Men in Trees) and films (Young, Single and Angry), and she recently won the Malibu Music Award for her song “If I Can’t Take You With Me.”

Heather’s forthcoming album, What It Is, was produced by Greg Critchley and mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capital Studios and Mastering. “Greg Critchley and I wanted a very raw and organic vibe for this album, which is why we chose to record everything ‘live off the floor,’” she says. With a group of stellar musicians, all of whom have done session work for notable artists including K.D. Lang, Fiona Apple, Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams and John Mayer, that goal was achieved. Joining Stewart on What It Is are guitarists Blake Mills, Marty Rifkin and Joshua Grange, as well as bassist Sean Hurley and drummer Aaron Sterling. At her live shows, Heather is joined by Rick Musallam and Jude Gold on guitar, Kurt Morgan on bass, Brad Swanson on drums , and her husband Alex Albrecht on djembe.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN



Barry Ollman "What'll it be?"


Barry Ollman has been making music since the age of eight, but it took a burst of creativity later in life to give rise to this surprising and elegant musical statement. These ten songs are varied and intriguing, and each one has a reason to be... With his first album of original music, "What'll It Be?", Barry Ollman has assembled an intensely personal and highly musical collection of songs that tells his story in a way that may make you feel that he is telling yours...

Featuring memorable performances by two time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Graham Nash (The Hollies and Crosby Stills & Nash & sometimes Young), founding bass player for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Garry W. Tallent (himself a 2014 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), classical composer and jazz legend, David Amram (collaborator with Jack Kerouac, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Pete Seeger, Leonard Bernstein, performer at every Farm Aid concert to date...) inspired composer and keyboardist for the Crosby Stills & Nash band, James Raymond, the first couple of the long running and much beloved radio show Etown, Nick and Helen Forster (Nick also being an original member of the highly influential Bluegrass group Hot Rize), Etown's revered drummer and percussionist Christian Teele, co-producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Dave Beegle and other inspiring musical contributors. "What'll It Be?" will draw you back for repeated listenings as the thoughtful songwriting charms and evokes deep feelings of insight and appreciation for the sweetness and wonder of life on this lovely planet...

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Jeff Larson "Close Circle"


"Close Circle". 10 new Jeff Larson songs. Available on CD and download.

Featuring Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America, Jeff Pevar from CPR, Crosby-Nash and CSN, and many others.

Tracklisting : Rescue
, Following The Echoes, Every Hour On The Hour, Even When The Rains Come
, Goodbye Ocean Street Beaches
, Rain Soaked Cloud, Always The Mystery
, How Long Running, Arizona Again
, The Lay Of The Land, Every Hour On The Hour