Lady Linn "High"
Chicago "NOW"

Sunho Lim "What I regret The Most"


Who is Sunho Lim? I discover his videos on youtube a few years back where he covered songs from great singers such as Phil Perry, Kenny Loggins, Warren Wiebe and many others. He blew me away. Working at J Music Vocal School, Sunho Lim couldn’t keep his beautiful and powerful voice for himself. Gabriel Raya at Contante & Sonante gave him the opportunity to appear in « Highlights and Rarities », a David Foster tribute cd where Sunho performes « Forever » originally recorded by Kenny Loggins on his album « Vox Humana ».

Today marks a new step for Sunho who just released his first EP «What I regret the most ». 5 ballads showing the greatest of his vocals.


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