Brendan Mayer "The Getaway Car"

Benni Freibott "Kind Of Invisible"


The singer, guitarist and songwriter Benni Freibott is about to present his first solo album called „Kind Of Invisible“.

Having travelled the world many times, it seems natural that Benni Freibott met all of his favorite world-class-musicians along the way who now are playing on this very CD. Greg Adams, a true funk soldier, trumpeter and legendary horn arranger for Tower Of Power arranged all the horn parts, Carmen Grillo, also a TOP alumni mixed the CD.

All musicians are top-notch and played with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Elton John, Chicago, Incognito and others... All songs were composed and arranged by Benni Freibott himself and he also played most of the instruments himself on some songs. Having travelled to Los Angeles every year for the last 7 years, Benni Freibott ́s influence of this city became a huge part of his sound which defines as groovy, warm and full of energy.

You can order the CD now at every record store or worldwide on Amazon, iTunes and all other download websites.

He worked with the likes of: Greg Adams, Carmen Grillo, Greg Vail, Luke Smith, Otto Williams, Tony Mason, Nevio Passaro, Hans-Peter Salentin, Hans-Jörg Scheffler, Craig Blundell, Stephan Schmolck, Michael Wollny, Walerie Kühl, Michael Flügel, Tobias Schöpker, Ed Sperber, Jan Reinelt, Klaus Wangorsch, Rainer Scheithauer, Wolfgang Harling, Tommy Fischer, Arno Haas, Matthias „Maze“ Meusel, Groove Legend Orchestra uvm.


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