Foreigner "The Best Of Foreigner 4 & More"
Ole Børud “Stepping Up”

StoneFlower "Destination Anywhere"


Based on the 13 album releases among them, the four guys in Stoneflower opted to go for an album of their own. 

Formed in 1999 by Frode Henriksen, Tom Sennerud and Jon Johansen all from the famous band DiezelSvenn Huneide Joined one year later and the band was complete. The critics acclaimed album "crack a little smile" was released in 2003 and received great reviews around the world.


Origin from Norway this AOR masterpiece soon became cherished among fans around the world.

After 11 years Stoneflower have now released their second album "Destination anywhere" and if possible it`s even better sounding, loaded with more genuis songs and should soon be a sought after treasure among AOR/westcoats fans around the globe.

StoneFlower are: Frode Henriksen - lead vocals, Tom Sennerud - lead guitar/background vocals & Svenn Huneide - bass


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