TOBB "True To Our Sound" featuring Bill Champlin
Martin Kaplan "The Slow Down"

Hat Check Girl "At 2 In The Morning"


“So, we are in the presence of two very fine songwriters here. The writing is all the more powerful for its subtlety, and the musical settings only enhance the effect. Music this finely crafted can sometimes sound emotionless, but the effect here is intimate, and filled with simmering passion” ~ Oliver diPlace

Hat Check Girl, the collaboration between veteran songwriters Peter Gallway and Annie Gallup, announces their 5th release, ”At 2 In The Morning”. Haunting and spare, just 2 voices and 2 instruments, “the way we would play these songs at 2 in the morning”. Peter plays electric or acoustic guitar, Annie plays guitar, dobro, lapsteel, or 6 string banjo. Both sing lead or harmony vocals. Eleven new songs exploring the theme of “connection.”

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN


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