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Rob Moratti's Tribute to JOURNEY


“THIS IS MY WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU!! Like many of us I grew up listening to Journey and I was always fascinated and amazed by their melodic songs especially with the gifted tone, range and delivery by the Steve PerryJourney's had a positive effect in my youth and more so in my music. Their music has  encouraged me way back when I was just teenager and there music still moves me today as they remain to be such a great influence.  They still inspires my creative imagination. I made the entire CD especially because I really had fun recording it.  I promised myself that if I enjoyed making this record with the music I love the most then I would release it and share it with my fans.  I respect them too much to want take it lightly in the studio but I knew it had to be done right.  I've been fortunate enough and I'm grateful to have had a wide career in music.. After all these wonderful  Rockin' years I still have the ability  to sing the songs that inspired me the most.  This is my way of saying thank you to the band Journey that made the music that continues to touch the hearts of so many of us and very special thank you to Mr. Steve Perry for giving me the best memories with each and every melody. At the end of the day, this is an enjoyable listen for everyone. For the many that always wanted to hear me sing some classic Journey.  Well here it is. Enjoy and Keep Rockin'!"

Tracklist: Separate Ways, Only The Young, Dont Stop Believin, Faithfully, Ask The Lonely, Who’s Cryin Now, Lovin Touchin Squeezin, Stone In Love, Anyway You Want It, Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever, Be Good To Yourself, Mother Father

Musicians: Rob Moratti (Vocals And Background Vocals Midi Sampling) Torben Enevoldsen (Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Midi Sampling And Background Vocals) Graham Fillier (Guitars, Midi Sampling And Background Vocals) Piero Greco (Bass And Background Vocals) Stu Reid (Drums And Background Vocals)

It's available at escape music.

Martin Kaplan "The Slow Down"


Martin Kaplan is an American singer-songwriter based in San Diego, California. ”The Slow Down”, his 1st solo release, features 12 songs spanning a 25 year songwriting career. Imbued with an alt-country vibe, ”The Slow Down” paints a vivid narrative for the listener, inviting self-reflection with its refreshing counterpoint to the frenetic pace of modern life. Reinvention and embracing uncertainty are recurrent themes in Martin’s life and these motifs are thoroughly explored throughout the album.

The musicians on ”The Slow Down include veterans of the Los Angeles Americana music scene including Todd Herfindal (Meadows), Rich McCulley (Bob Woodruff, Will Kimbrough), Carl Byron (Anne McCue, Michelle Shocked), Greg Boaz (Dave Alvin) and Tommy Rickard (Linda Perry, Scott Weiland).

Earlier in his musical career, Martin played with San Francisco indie rock band Lost Pilgrims, releasing 2 albums and touring the United States several times. In March 1994, Billboard Magazine featured Lost Pilgrims as one of the best unsigned bands in the United States.

Today, Martin Kaplan can be found, hoe in hand, cultivating organic avocados and tangerines on his rocky hilltop grove in Escondido, California.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN


Hat Check Girl "At 2 In The Morning"


“So, we are in the presence of two very fine songwriters here. The writing is all the more powerful for its subtlety, and the musical settings only enhance the effect. Music this finely crafted can sometimes sound emotionless, but the effect here is intimate, and filled with simmering passion” ~ Oliver diPlace

Hat Check Girl, the collaboration between veteran songwriters Peter Gallway and Annie Gallup, announces their 5th release, ”At 2 In The Morning”. Haunting and spare, just 2 voices and 2 instruments, “the way we would play these songs at 2 in the morning”. Peter plays electric or acoustic guitar, Annie plays guitar, dobro, lapsteel, or 6 string banjo. Both sing lead or harmony vocals. Eleven new songs exploring the theme of “connection.”

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

TOBB "True To Our Sound" featuring Bill Champlin


During a tour of Norway in 2010 with TOBB and Bill Champlin, Bill offered TOBB to record "Sweet Marie" for their upcoming album "True To Our Sound" due out soon. Composed by Bill Champlin for the legendary album Chicago 17, "Sweet Marie" didnt make it onto the final release and became known as "the lost track". Not only that, but Bill Champlin contributed both lead vocals (shared with Knut Anders Sørum), B3 organ and backing vocals together with his wife Tamara, a great vocalist in her own right.

TOBB decided to release Sweet Marie on 14 of May 2014, the 30th anniversary of the release of Chicago 17 in 1984.

TOBB is: Knut Anders Sørum-vocals Javed Kurd-giutar/vocals Trond Nagel Dahl-keys/vocals Lars Endrerud.bass Erik Smith-drums Rune Haglund-trumpet Steinar Borvik-sax Jørgen Gjerde-trombone

You can download the song at