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The Sky Colony "In A Dream"


Where the Cascade mountain foothills meet the sea, from the fertile farmland of Skagit Valley in Washington State, comes the lush “dream folk” of The Sky Colony. Dancing around traditional folk and classic sounding song structure, The Sky Colony blend a myriad of sounds from varied influences to create a unique musical tapestry all their own. An age-old story from the pages of folk music, a blade of bluegrass, a twang of roots country, and even the pristine toned riff of an electric guitar, are all illuminated with an emphasis on intricacy and harmony. “Dream folk” is the sound of nature and everything that would be here if we were not. The sound of a walk in the woods or a cool summer night around the campfire.  

Their debut album "In A Dream" was recorded at a converted former Catholic church on a 24-track analog reel to reel tape machine by Nicholas Wilbur at Unknown Studio in Anacortes, WA. The antiquated structure with its majestic architecture, and resonant wood hall, was the perfect sanctuary to create the kind of sound the band was after; a raw, warm, bright, inviting, celestial record that invokes the collective subconscious where the reverie of dreams spring forth.

The origins of the Sky Colony date back to 2012 and along the way have flexed through several incarnations, with the steadfast backbone of the band always consisting of principal songwriters and lyricists Kyle Findley-Meier (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Ben Meyer (electric guitar, vocals). Featured performers on “In A Dream” and frequent touring partners, Molly Hazel (banjo, upright bass, electric bass, vocals) and Jeff Lacy (drums, choir conducting) round out The Sky Colony family. Additional musicians on the album include Ben Goe (Cello), Brittany Ash (vocals on "Time"), with a collective chorus on "The Hills" contributed by: John Meier (Slim Fat Lips), Liz Findley, Matney Cook (Mudflat Walkers), Ted Jonsson, Luuk Honey and Hannah Stephens (SiLM), Mike Olsen (Gallowbird), Shailer Tuell, Tanner Lawrence (Love Bone), Bobbie DaRezbex, Caleb Hazel, and Thomas Neitchze. 

The lead off track “Be Loved” opens with the enchanting melodious intersection of finely picked banjo and lightly picked electric guitar, nourishing a delectable female and male vocal interchange. The bouncy indie-jugband tune “Cosmic Living Room” is a fun take on the universal ponderings of our place in space. The title track “In A Dream” typifies the bands “dream folk” sound that is sprinkled throughout the album in tracks like “Time” and “Gods.” Pleasantly reminiscent of fellow Northwest band Fleet Foxes is the track “Joben” with its blended effortless harmonies. “Don’t Wait for Me” has a more traditional folk approach as does the anthemic “The Hills” with its beautiful choir and sacred harp singing.


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