Richard Page "Goin' South"
Hat Check Girl "At 2 In The Morning"

TOBB "True To Our Sound" featuring Bill Champlin


During a tour of Norway in 2010 with TOBB and Bill Champlin, Bill offered TOBB to record "Sweet Marie" for their upcoming album "True To Our Sound" due out soon. Composed by Bill Champlin for the legendary album Chicago 17, "Sweet Marie" didnt make it onto the final release and became known as "the lost track". Not only that, but Bill Champlin contributed both lead vocals (shared with Knut Anders Sørum), B3 organ and backing vocals together with his wife Tamara, a great vocalist in her own right.

TOBB decided to release Sweet Marie on 14 of May 2014, the 30th anniversary of the release of Chicago 17 in 1984.

TOBB is: Knut Anders Sørum-vocals Javed Kurd-giutar/vocals Trond Nagel Dahl-keys/vocals Lars Endrerud.bass Erik Smith-drums Rune Haglund-trumpet Steinar Borvik-sax Jørgen Gjerde-trombone

You can download the song at


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