Ray Kennedy's 1980 album re-released by Real Gone Music in an expanded edition!
Phil Perry "A Better Man"

TOBB "True To Our Sound"


TOBB is a Norwegian band consisting of first-call musicians working as freelancers in tv and the recording industry. TOBB was started as a playing ground for friends, all with the love for AOR-west coast music, and has since 1987 been touring on and off, mostly playing their own cover versiones of west coast and funk classics. In 2010 TOBB had the great fortune and honor of touring with the legend Bill Champlin, and he encouraged the band to record the ”lost song” Sweet Marie”, a track that didn`t make it on the legendary Chicago 17 album. Inspired by Bill, TOBB started recording their own original material witch had been neglected for years!

The result is The album ”True To Our Sound” wich is being released on the 6`th of february on cd, and the 1`th of may worldwide on ITUNES. The Album consists og 10 songs with a strong emphasis on melody, with extensive vocal arrangements and horns all over every track!

Guest vocalists is Bill And Tamara Champlin on Sweet Marie, a true honor for the band! The album also features a recording of The Tubes classic ballade ”Don`t want to wait anymore” with an intricate horn arrangement added! If you like Chicago, The Eagles, The Tubes etc. You will like TOBB!

For more info on TOBB please visit their page on www.facebook/TOBB

"true To Our Sound" is available at iTune Here!

You can download the song at Amazon.com



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