Sweet Confort Band "The Waiting Is Over"
Don Henley "Cass County"

The Summit "Higher Ground"


"-Wanna make an album? It has to be quick!"

An unexpected clash of elements,
several years in the making but assembled in just a short couple of months.

In October of 2011 Björn Höglund (drummer of EASY ACTION and HOVEN DROVEN)
 made the call to Mats Karlsson (220 VOLT) and explained what he had in mind. For him, a dream team consisting of Mats,
singer and childhood friend Michael Klemmé (MARMALADE SOULS) and bass player Lars Ericsson.

Both with who Björn had played with since eighth grade.
A carefully picked team of great players and established songwriters with the same background,
musical taste and origin. The task; a quickly assembeled album with a nod to the 70:s. Tired of being tied up in several album projects, years in the making,
 Björn wanted to write and record quickly, just like many of his favourite albums
were made in the 70:s , and the music had to fit the same idea. Within hours everyone was on board. At this time Michael and Mats had never even met. Stepping up to the challenge, the boys began writing in January.

Out of some 16 songs written, recording began in April and eleven songs
were completed during the fall of 2012. The result; a modern sounding 70:s rock album with several nods to the all the bands
that shaped Mats, Björn, Michael and Lars musically, without ripping off any of them.

Well crafted songwriting in the hands of potent players
with years of experience from the stage and the studio. This is THE SUMMIT


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