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Fanfields 2 "A Fans' Tribute To TOTO"


The crowd funding for Michael Riesenbeck & Friends: Fanfields 2 – A Fans’ Tribute to Toto has started!  

Over 65 musicians will pay tribute to Toto and the heroes that have left us, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Fergie Frederiksen. This will be done by recording breathtaking versions of our and their most favorite Toto songs.  

The list of musicians is too long to mention, but here are a few names: Joe Vana (Mecca), Guus Willemse (Solution), Herman Furin (Work of Art), Peter Friestedt (Williams/Friestedt), Janne Stark (Grand Design), Michael Casswell (sessions), Nalle Pahlsson (Treat), Thomas Vikstrom(Therion), Tristan, Christian Fridh (solo), Christian Tolle (solo), Jan van Olffen (Kayak), Phil Vincent (solo) and Michael Riesenbeck (solo).  

The album will be available in a 3 and 4 CD edition, and will be released in 2016.

Profits will be donated to three - Toto related - good causes: the Michael Porcaro Fund (Sweet Relief Musicians Fund), ALS foundation and Fergie Frederiksen Foundation (Liver Foundation).

"It’s the least we can do to give back something to the band that gave us so much pleasure and inspiration through their albums and live concerts."  

For all information check out the Indiegogo page:

Fanfields Facebook page:




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