William Sikström "I Will Be Waiting"
The Pinder Brothers "Melancholy Sea"

Melanie Dekker "Lekker, eh" Live in Europe


Melanie Dekker is a Canadian roots-pop sensation home to Deep Cove, BC, Canada. Her world class strumming and voice like chocolate earned her a radio hit in Canada "I Said I", and a more recent radio hit in Denmark "Boomerang". Her Dutch background gives her that no-hold-back fun attitude, she's vulnerable, funny and powerful. Fans experience a sense of connection. Her songs weave between emotion and sensibilities, each at a different pace and in a different place. She tours over 100 concerts yearly and her latest studio release “Distant Star” has already sold 12,000 copies since November 2013.

This 'longing' album is a beautiful addition to her elaborate discography, her previous album "Revealed' was produced by David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman, Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Joe Jackson). Like these artists, Dekker has a special tangible emotive flare.

And now Dekker brings her fans what they've been asking for by releasing a spontaneous live album. On this "Lekker Eh" collection of songs, Melanie Dekker presents a live tasty bit of a special kind, intimate recordings of various concerts from her 2014 tour. It's an acoustic journey through worlds of feelings. Inimitably warm-hearted and tender and carried by Dekker's powerful gentle voice. Like a delicious filling of a cake she is accompanied by various world-class players at times, while her dynamic guitar playing and piano playing is the center that leads the vibe. A delicacy for your ears.

Dekker has opened for Diana Krall and Faith Hill and performed with Russell Peters and Bryan Adams, as well for president Bill Clinton. She’s made a string of popular videos which include her music synched to her plunge at the Vancouver's Polar Bear Swim, her shows at the 2010 Olympics, her own Wisdom tooth removal, her Christmas concerts in Afghanistan, and a romantic run-in with a mannequin. Dekker was given a Medal of Honour by the Chief of Defence Staff for Canada for her song ”Fall In Wounded Soldier”, and was awarded the title ’ambassador’ for the Kinder Hospiz in Germany for her donated sold-out concerts. Her concerts are a cool combination of fiery, colourful and sympathetic music and attitudes.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN


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