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LAVA "Prime Time"

Dakota "Long Road Home"


After a hiatus of 11 years, Dakota reunited in 2014 to record a brand new album, titled 'Long Road Home'.

Original band members Jerry Hludzik and Bill Kelly joined up with John Lorance, Eli Hludzik and various guest artists to record the new album at SI Studios, Pennsylvania. Two years in the making, 'Long Road Home' is a culmination of countless hours of work and passion poured into a project that is close to the band's heart.

Dakota is: Jerry G. Hludzik (Vocals & Guitar), Bill Kelly (Vocals & Guitar), Eli Hludzik (Drums) & Jon Lorance (Guitar)

Guest Appearances by: Bill Champlin, Ricky Dehlin, Alessandro DelVecchio, Tommy Denander, Justus Dobrin, John "JR" Robinson, Danny Seraphine, Jon Lorance, Eli Hludzik, Lenny Mecea, Tom Borthwick & Rick Manwiller


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