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Wendy Webb "This Is The Moment"


American singer-songwriter Wendy Webb releases her 4th album, ”This Is The Moment”.

Reminiscent of classic records by Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones, Webb takes you on a journey with her poetic lyrics by fusing elements of folk, pop, jazz and blues while creating her own style. Webb’s debut album, ”Morning In New York”, won critical acclaim in 2003 and was followed by recordings of live solo performances on her first vinyl album, ”Moon On Havana”, in 2010. 2 years later she released ”Edge Of Town” along with her first music video, “Has To Be My Birthday”. ”This Is The Moment” was produced by Danny Morgan and John McLane, and was mastered by Chris Bellman, who has worked with artists such as Neil Young, Carole King, Elton John, Ricky Lee Jones, Van Halen and many more.

Wendy Webb has received honors in the ’John Lennon Songwriting Contest’ as well as the ’Lilith Fair Songwriting Competition’. In November 2013, Webb played to a sold out crowd at Herb Strauss Theatre in Florida and returned recently to celebrate the completion of her latest album, ”This Is The Moment”, released in the US in 2015. Originally from Iowa, Webb now resides in Florida and has also performed in Cuba, Paris, and New York.

Webb has produced 3 videos for ”This Is The Moment”, beginning with the single "Venus Is Rocking In The Cradle Of the Moon”, followed by "Florida" with live concert footage and photography. ”Long Day In The Sun" images come from a trip to the old walled city of Cartagena, Colombia. In her recent video, Webb combines elements from her trips to Cuba in 2007 and 2008 where she first recorded the song "Moon On Havana". Visiting Cuba inspired her to write and record her second album, ”Moon On Havana”.

In March 2015, Webb was invited by the US Florida House on Capitol Hill in Washington DC to perform her song "Florida" for members and distinguished guests. Webb received a standing ovation following her performance at the historic Decatur House in Washington April 30th, 2015. Webb returned to Herb Strauss Theater, Sanibel, Florida on November 15th, 2015 for her ’November Moon’ concert. She is currently working on her next album, ”Step Out Of Line”, to be released on Spooky Moon Records in 2016.

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