Graham Nash "This Path Tonight"
Champlin Williams Friestedt japanese release including 2 bonus tracks!

Lava "Fire" reissued by Preservation Records with Bonus Track "Sophie"!


Tracklist: 1. Sophie 2. Fake 3. Something 4. Streetgirl 5. LoosingYou 6. You 7. The Woman I Want  8. Wait For Me 9. I’m In Love 10.Indian Summer BONUS: 11.Sophie

Lava needs no new introduction, as it is a well-established band within the Westcoast/AOR scene. They have made 8 albums spanning from the late 70’s until today, and they still actively performs. Their albums are considered to be Westcoast essentials and several only exists on vinyl.

Preservation records has gotten access to the original mastertapes for Lava – Fire and is re-releasing it exclusively on CD for the first time. It will also include an extended booklet with the full story of how Randy and Lava got together + new photos that never has been available.

Lava has already a big fan base all over the world -Extra bonus track with alternative version of Sophie -Quick sell, first time released on CD.

Remastered from the original master tapes -Extensive picture material included in the cover. -Will appeal to all fans of AOR and Westcoast

Tobias Edborg-Torjussen founded preservation in 2015.

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