Night Owls "After Hours"
Jimmy Ruggiere "Nicer Guy"

Tim Cashion "Find Us On The Dial"


Tim Cashion, current keyboardist for the Classic-rock band Grand Funk Railroad just released a new cd titled "Find Us On The Dial".

"This album is the very definition of a "diamond in the rough." Originally recorded throughout various periods in 2005 and 2006, this endeavor was on its way to nowhere for a variety of reasons. But these tracks, which had been internally shared amongst a carefully select network of people over the years, finally made it to my inbox where they instantaneously blew my mind. After more than thirty spins, this album just keeps growing on me. New details are discovered with every listen. It is undoubtedly a true masterpiece that qualifies as one of the best albums of the past decade. For Tim Cashion, this music is not an example of him trying to pay tribute to a specific genre - this is how his music organically comes through him. It was this deeply passionate reaction to the music that led to this project now being available for the very first time thanks to P-Vine Records in Japan. "Find Us On The Dial" is as essential as it gets and is by far one of the very best West Coast albums ever."

By Mikael Engström


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