State Cows releases new single...
Bonnie Raitt "Dig In Deep"

Tom Hansen "A Taste Of California"


Tracks: My Lady, Song For Hansson, Brazilian Night, Stay With Me, A Dream Comes True, Vis A Vis, Falling Leaves, Standing Tall (A Tribute To Whitney Houston), T-Party, Special Friend, Mr. Westcoast, Enter 2000, Wessel Song, Magic Moments, Stay With Me, Fate, Time To Say Goodbye & My Lady (Disco Remix/Radio Edit).

Musicians on the A Taste Of California album: Tom Hansen, John “JR” Robinson, Peter Friestedt, Larry Williams, Victor Brooks, Svein Finstad, Nils Mathiesen, Kenneth Eriksen. Line Knudsen, Magne Arnesen, Rheanne Lindeberg, Oliver Tangen, Hig Lande, Trine Charlotte Askjem, Kjell Håkon Andersen, Astrid Tveitan, Halstein Larsen, Oystein Trollsas, Truls Gran, Jon Ronander and others.

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