Santana "IV"
Dave Insley "Just The Way That I Am"

Marcus Eaton "Version Of The Truth"


"My name is Marcus Eaton and I am a musician. I was born in Idaho and began playing guitar when I was nine. I grew up in a musical family and found inspiration in the outdoors and mountains where I was born.

I have always written my own songs and played my original music in various incarnations. One of my first bands was signed to a label in 2002. We released one album on the label and I have been releasing music independently since then.

To date, I have recorded and released six original albums and I played, wrote and sang on David Crosby's most recent album 'Croz'.

Music is my passion and I have worked diligently to create sounds that are beautiful, inspiring, soulful, and melodic which connect us to the parts of ourselves that matter most.

At present, I primarily play solo and incorporate a variety of influences to create a unique sonic landscape using looping, instrumental effects and different performance styles.

My latest album 'Versions Of The Truth' was released in the U.S. last year and I am very excited for you to hear it. I look forward to seeing you at one of my shows soon."


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