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Thierry Condor "So Close"


For years, Thierry has been musically active and has in the meantime established an in- ternational reputation, above all in the US music scene.

Thierry Condor has German-Italian roots and lives in Switzerland. He possesses an un- mistakeable voice and, as a studio musician, regularly takes part in international produc- tions. His fourth album ‘So Close’ will be released in March 2016.

The German-Italian love story of Thierry Condor’s parents began in French-speaking Switzerland and the artist grew up multilingual. Later on, he took his birth name as his artist’s one. During his school days, the self-taught musician played guitar, drums, saxo- phone and a piano he had restored himself. Italian songwriters and the Beatles were his constant companions and he developed a preference for songs whose lyrics also tell a story.

Over many professional visits to the USA, Thierry Condor became an enthusiast for West Coast Pop, R&B and jazz. He took singing lessons in Chicago and continued his training after his return to Switzerland at the Jazz School Lucerne.

In his fourth album ‘So Close’ Thierry Condor once again draws upon the U.S. West Coast Pop of the 1980s, but adds new flavour to the style. His personality is evident on the en- tire album and he speaks to the listener directly; his singing profile has become even more distinct and original. Thierry Condor is married, a father of four and lives with his family in Switzerland.


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