My Girl The River "This Ain't No Fairytale"
New Demo songs by PJ Rautiainen!

Stefan Gunnarsson!


Stefan Gunnarsson is a Swedish musician, known as team captain in the Swedish TV program Så ska det låta.

Gunnarsson is a multi-instrumentalist. He started as a drummer but also sought out guitar, bass, piano, trumpet and harmonica, and sings also. He has appeared on albums by, among others, Janne Schaffer, Raj Montana Band, Sandra Cross and David Carlson. Gunnarsson is a member of bands Enorma Groove and BLISS (a KISS-tribute band).

"Stefan tours actually with CWF (Peter Friestedt, Bill Champlin & Joseph Williams) and blew me away with his vocals and keyboard abilities. A great artist!" Arnaud


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