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Bobby Kimball "We're Not In Kansas Anymore"


Regarding, Former Toto vocalist BOBBY KIMBALL is finally set to release his new solo album 'We're Not In Kansas Anymore' in Japan on November 9.

In Bobby's own words: "To all of my Friends. I wanted to let you all know that my Solo CD is going to be released in Japan on November 6th. I can't wait for you to hear this CD. When I listen to it, I like it so very much. It was totally fun to record it, and the Mastering job is going so well. I hope you will like this CD too, so I wish you all the very best life you can possibly live.......Bobby"

Guitarist/Songwriter/Recording Artist and Congressman John Hall Releases Memoir


Best known as the founder of the band Orleans, with hits including “Still The One,” and “Dance With Me,” John Hall co-wrote Janis Joplin’s “Half Moon,” Steve Wariner's #1 country hit "You Can Dream of Me," and also “Power,” which became the theme of the NO NUKES concerts in the 1970s. John has collaborated in the studio or on the stage with Little Feat, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, Chet Atkins, Carly Simon

His environmental concerns led him into community activism, which got him on the road into politics, first serving in the Ulster County, New York legislature, then as trustee and president of the Saugerties school board. Hall won a seat in Congress in 2006, and returned to music in 2011 with Orleans.

John is looking forward to taking the book on the road where he’ll tell stories, play songs, sign books, and talk with fans and anyone interested in crossing from a "normal" career to politics.

John’s optimism comes through in stories from his life in the musical and political worlds in STILL THE ONE: A ROCK’n’ROLL JOURNEY TO CONGRESS AND BACK.

John Hall’s new memoir, STILL THE ONE: A ROCK’n’ROLL JOURNEY TO CONGRESS AND BACK is out and available on and in paperback format. An initial discount is available through

Thanks to Anne Leighton

Toto "Live At Montreux 1991"


Toto have welcomed many different band members across their long career but in the early nineties they had a short period as a four-piece featuring Steve Lukather (guitar & lead vocals), David Paich (keyboards & vocals), Jeff Porcaro (drums & percussion) and Mike Porcaro (bass).

The line-up, with some additional touring members, performed this concert at Montreux in July 1991 and would go on to make the Kingdom Of Desire album released in 1992, shortly after the tragic early death of drummer Jeff Porcaro. The Montreux show, now being released for the first time, combines then unreleased tracks from the Kingdom Of Desire album with classic hits and covers of songs by Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone. It is a perfect addition to any Toto fan's collection.

TRACKLISTING: 1) On The Run 2) Kingdom Of Desire 3) I ll Be Over You 4) Africa 5) Jake To The Bone 6) Red House 7) Rosanna 8) I Want To Take You Higher

Timothy B. Schmit "Leap Of Faith"


Timothy B. Schmit-- groundbreaking vocalist, songwriter and bass player from the legendary rock groups Eagles and Poco-- will release a solo album, Leap Of Faith, Friday, September 23 via Benowen Records. Recorded at his Los Angeles studio and co-produced with engineer Hank Linderman, Leap Of Faith is a strong mix of rock, country, Americana, R&B and even a bit of reggae. Pre-orders for Leap of Faith will begin on Friday, August 26. Leap Of Faith marks the culmination of Schmit’s unhurried, yet inspired reflections of life. On his new album he goes further up the path he began to explore on his 2009 solo album Expando. “Again, I wanted to write this album on my own.” Timothy further explains, “In any collaboration one has to make a series of compromises. That’s not a bad thing, it’s simply not what I’ve chosen to do with this project. I’m just putting it out there, and maybe some of these ideas might resonate with listeners.”

Illuminated by an array of fine musicians and singers, Leap Of Faith plays like a multicolored corona around Schmit’s distinctive artistry. From the jaunty opening track “My Hat” to the soaring harmonies and heartfelt reflections of “This Waltz,” this is more than another album in a great artist’s catalog.

Often writing and recording between touring with the Eagles, this project took a little time, so the songs onLeap Of Faith seem to have a broad compass. “Slow Down” is a note to self on escaping life’s pressures coasting along on a reggae pulse sweetened by jazz giant Gary Burton’s vibraphone. “What I Should Do” has a Muscle Shoals feel; steamy, funky, and sensual. On, “Goodbye, My Love,” he takes us deep down into traditional country with Paul Franklin’s glistening steel guitar layered over the changes. And on “It’s Alright,” his most intimate song, Schmit needs only his own acoustic guitar to express profound love.

For all their diversity, these songs are bound by a candor and craftsmanship that are rare in today’s music. Schmit says: “I don’t feel confined by any outside perceptions about what I do. I just try to pull songs out of the ethers and shape them as they come, whatever the genre.”

Leap Of Faith is co-produced by Timothy and multi-talented friend Hank Linderman. “I hired Hank quite a few years ago to help me learn how to maneuver through my then-new demo studio. But as the studio grew I eventually chose to concentrate on my craft, so I put him in charge of the technical part, among other things. He is an excellent engineer, musician and singer.” Linderman has also worked both on the Eagles’ last studio album, as well as Don Henley’s recent solo project. Hank is essential to how Leap Of Faithsounds and feels. “For instance, on ‘My Hat,’ I told him I wanted him to play the solo, but to do so in a very simple manner. He ended up playing something I would never have dreamed of, and yes, it’s simple and beautiful.”

“Over the last ten years or so, I’ve felt like I’m finally getting the hang what it is I do best,” Schmit sums up with his knack for wry understatement. “Although this project took some time to complete, this is what I came up with… This is who I am. This is a Leap Of Faith.”

Sonny Axell "Kick Back"


Sonny Axel is a pianist and singer born 1982 in St Etienne, France, to musician parents. He showed great interest in music from a very young age, starting piano lessons at the age of 5, and then attending the National Conservatoire Primary School. It is indeed a rare thing that a child, younger than 10, shows such interest in jazz, boogie and getting albums by Erroll Garner, Duke Ellington, and even Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & Fire, to be played in his bedroom.

The Director of the Conservatoire advised Sonny’s parents for him to also attend jazz lessons at the adjacent music school, creating a precedent as later on the 2 institutions would combine. He took a few singing classes, but finally decided to self-teach, whilst accompanying himself on the piano.

The first professional contracts soon followed and he would eventually meet other musicians with whom he would affirm his own personal style. Incontestably influence by rhythm’n’blues and motown, he appeared at many jazz clubs and private events during the next 10 years. Notably the opening act of the Casino Ruhl in Nice as a trio.

During the summer of 2007, he met an American singer, Sugar Blue, and over the next 6 years he played with him in many venues around the world. Sugar Blue’s music had an enormous influence on Sonny’s style and it was through Sugar Blue’s guidance that Sonny developed his own style of music.

In 2010, Sonny recorded his 1st album in Los Angeles, California, at the Pig Sound studio. Producing this album gave him the opportunity to include original material he had written and to sing them. Then In 2014, he appeared alongside Ute Lemper in the Woody Allen film “Magic In The Moonlight”.

Sonny’s has just released his 2nd album, “Kick Back”, of original songs. Future plans are a tour in both the US and the ret of Europe.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Mia Rose Lynne "Follow Me Moon"


Often likened to artists such as Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell and Patty Griffin, Mia Rose Lynne writes and sings from a place of sincerity and simplicity. Roots music has always been in Lynne's heart. A northern California native, she grew up singing harmonies in the family western swing band and fell asleep in the Winnebago on summer nights to the sounds of campsite jamming at bluegrass festivals.

Lynne went on to pursue a career in musical theatre, touring nationally and internationally. Along the way, she found herself in Nashville, where her love for roots music resurfaced and the songs began to write themselves. Since her recent move, Lynne has had the opportunity to perform professionally in both Nashville's songwriter and theatre scene. She won the 2014 American Songwriting Awards in the folk category, and was recently a finalist in both the Great American Song Contest and Hollywood Songwriting Contest.

”Open Space”, Lynne's debut album, 2014, was recorded and produced in Nashville by Brendan Harkin and features Stuart Duncan on fiddle and Rob Ickes on dobro. Songs range from folk ballads with haunting string arrangements to bluegrass and folk pop grooves. Her 2nd record ”Follow Me Moon”, to be released in 2016, features 11 tastefully stripped down acoustic originals and was produced by Austin Filingo and recorded by Grammy award winning engineer, Tim Roberts.

Paul Liberatore of the Marin Independent Journal describes ”Follow Me Moon” as, “original americana style songs that come at romantic relationships with honesty, wit and none of the tropes and cliches that lesser songwriters so often fall back on. Lynne brings life experience without sounding world weary, sincerity without self importance”.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Kaurna Cronin "Southern Loss"


Kaurna Cronin is a wandering storyteller. As part of a new breed of Australian artists he is constantly redeveloping the way music is written and shared globally. With grand storytelling, folk jams and a lyrical sincerity beyond his years, Cronin's unique folk blend and moving performances have been capturing audiences throughout Europe and Australia, establishing this young singer songwriter as an international sensation.

The new album ”Southern Loss” is described by Kaurna as ’a homage to a land I call home’. The entire album is set deep in Australian surroundings. It was recorded in a hand built studio in the hills of Adelaide, Kaurna’s hometown, collaborating with artists Tom Kneebone, Kiah Gossner, David Resce and many more.

The first single ”Passion Parade” reveals the story of a young woman who leaves her small regional settlement in search for a love and a life amongst a city. A city she would never fully understand.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Don Conoscenti "Anastasia"


”'Anastasia' my first full studio album since 2001's 'Paradox Of Grace'. Thanks to 515 dedicated Kickstarter contributors I was able to do the most elaborate recording of my very long career. I've reinvented some earlier songs that will get a chance to be heard by new ears and included new material as well. This is a decidedly produced album, string sections, woodwinds, horns, lots of voices, things I couldn't manage in the past due to various constraints. The musical concept was to emulate the warmth and vibe of some of the hit records of the late 70's by artists like Steely Dan, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty. The core of the record was recorded by Don Richmond at Howlin' Dog Studios in Alamosa, CO, and the rest was done in my own Studio 13 in Taos, NM. Many of the guest tracks were recorded in cities across the country and sent back and forth over the internet. I did the final mixing and mastering in Studio 13. Special guests include orchestrator and arranger Paul Buckmaster, Eliza Gilkyson, Kevin Welch, Ellis Paul, Richie Cannata, Dan Navarro and a near miss by Keb Mo. You get 14 songs clocking in at a total running time of just over an hour. Many of the songs take some interesting compositional detours, so in a sense you get some built in instrumental bonus content as well. Hope you like.”

Don Conoscenti

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Michael Hearne "Red River Dreams"


Red River Dreams” is the latest CD release of Michael Hearne, one of the originators of the ’Southwestern Americana’ sound that seems to float over his 2 homelands of the hill country of Texas and the mountains of northern New Mexico.

His instantly recognizable ’whiskey velvet voice’, as friend Eliza Gilkyson describes it, combined with his impeccable musical instincts, inspired songwriting and instrumental virtuosity form as complete a musical assemblage as you will find in any country, folk or americana artist today.

Hearne has one of the most devoted followings of any musician still practicing his craft, touring around Texas, NM, and the great American southwest, and “Red River Dreams” embodies many of the reasons why.

The title cut speaks of Hearne’s time spent in Red River, NM, in the 1970’s, which seemed to be ’Austin North’, serving as a getaway and mountain retreat for several of the artists involved in the early Austin scene, such as Michael Martin Murphy, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Bob Livingston. “Blue Enough” is a beautiful lament co-written with Jed Zimmerman, another fine songwriter in the folk americana vein, featuring Kelley Mickwee, a rising star in the current Austin music scene on harmonies.

“June 25, 2009” ponders the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. “The Highway Is a Friend of Mine”, co-written with Michael’s longtime friend and frequent musical partner Shake Russell, is a great picking song and classic traveling troubadour tune. “Back in the Day”, another Hearne-Russell co-write, is a journey through the influences and experiences of Hearne’s Texas upbringing.

Although we feel that some of the tracks are standouts for radio, we truly feel there isn’t a song to miss in this collection, including Michael’s selections of other writers’ songs, such as the John Ims tune “Magic”, Chuck Pyle’s gem “Endless Sky”, and his impeccable treatments of the classic Lightfoot and Parsons tunes.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN