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Timothy B. Schmit "Leap Of Faith"


LEAP OF FAITH, the new 12-track solo album from Timothy B. Schmit, is out today. Listen to Leap of Faithby the groundbreaking vocalist, songwriter and bass player from the legendary rock groups Eagles and Poco in its entirety, on Rolling Stone Country and purchase the album via iTunes or Amazon. Exclusive Leap of Faith CD bundles are also available for pre-order in Timothy’s Official Online Store, including a T-Shirt and hat.

Illuminated by an array of fine musicians and singers, Leap of Faith plays like a multicolored corona around Schmit’s distinctive artistry. From the jaunty opening track “My Hat” to the soaring harmonies and heartfelt reflections of “This Waltz,” this is more than another album in a great artist’s catalog. Writing and recording between touring with the Eagles, the songs on Leap of Faith have a broad compass. “Slow Down” is a note to self on escaping life’s pressures coasting along on a reggae pulse sweetened by jazz giant Gary Burton’s vibraphone, while “What I Should Do” has a Muscle Shoals feel; steamy, funky, and sensual. On “Goodbye, My Love,” he takes us deep down into traditional country with Paul Franklin’s glistening steel guitar layered over the changes. And on “It’s Alright,” his most intimate song, Schmit needs only his own acoustic guitar to express profound love.


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