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Warner Music Japan releases for the first time on cd "The Boys Band"!


Early 80's, Greg Gordon (Lead vocal), Rusty Golden (Background vocals & Keyboards) and B. James Lowry (Background vocals & Guitars) have recorded together their debut album The Boys Band for Elektra/Asylum Records at CARIBOU RANCH in Nederland.The album yielded a Top 40 single and the first music video for MTV produced in Nashville in 1982 but because of lack of record label enthusiasm, the group disbanded in 1984.

The Boys Band is considered by "Westcoast music" fans as A CLASSIC! The album features many great musicians including Joe Chemay, Paul Leim, Bill Walker, John Hobbs, Steve Nathan to name a few and includes songs written by Ian Thomas "Runner", Greg Guidry "Think About It" and Tom Snow "Taking It All In Stride".

To celebrate the reissue of The Boys Band, I have contacted Rusty Golden who has actually a 5 songs new EP "Angels" to be released very soon. An opportunity to know more about The Boys Band period and his new music...

AL: How did you meet Greg Gordon and B. James Lowry and how the idea of founding a band together was born?

RG: I have known both Greg and B. James since i was in my teens. my father is in a group called The Oak Ridge Boys (just inducted into The Country Music Hall Of Fame) and both Greg and B. played with the group back in the 70’s. I have actually known Greg since about 1972 and met B. James in 1975.

AL: What was your music inspirations when you planed to record together?

RG: Greg wanted it to be like ‘The Eagles’. B. James was a huge Lindsay Buckingham fan and was into what he was doing with ‘Fleetwood Mac’. I was into whatever gave me goodebumps and maybe that’s why the album has about 3 distinct styles running through it. there’s the ‘country pop’ of “don’t stop me baby”, the funky groove pop of “think about it”, the rocking “love will find a heart” and the epic ballads like “the best is yet to come”. and there is the soulful gospel vocal styling of Greg Gordon who is one of the greatest lead singers ever recorded.

AL: « Think about It » is a song co-written by Greg Guidry. Can you talk about this collaboration?

RG: Greg Guidry had pitched us his demo of ‘think about it’ and he had his finger on the pulse of what was happening in pop music at the time. He had the whole Michael McDonald vibe down too. I remember that unlike some of the sparse demos we heard while listening for songs, ‘think about it’ was a fully realize recording. it sounded like a hit record already. We just copied the demo.

AL: Do you have a special memory or funny story remembering the recording of this record?

RG: One of the great thrills of recording The Boys Band album was the location of the recording studio. I had read all about Caribou Ranch. It was where my musical hero Elton John had recorded his album ‘Caribou’. It’s where so many great music superstars would go and live and record. it was one of the first great “destination studios”…where you went and lived while you worked on the complex. It was set high in the mountains of colorado in a place called Nederland. Built by the group Chicago’s producer James Guercio. Anyway, that was a thrill in itself just going to such a lavish setting to record. At the time the 4 guys who would fill out the rhythm section were all based in los angeles. Within 5 years they would be living in Nashville and would all become some of the most recorded musicians in Nashville. They are John Hobbs (piano), Paul Leim (drums) Joe Chemay (bass) and Billy Joe Walker Jr. (guitars).

AL: Can you, in a few words introduce your new album « Angels »?

RG: After The Boys Band disbanded in 1984 (we had begun production on a 2nd album for Asylum when the label had major executive changes and like so many artists, we were lost in the corporate shuffle. We asked to be released from the label. I went on to record 2 albums with my brother Chris under the name ‘The Goldens’. we recorded one album (never released) for cbs/epic and one called ‘Rush For Gold’ for capitol/sbk in 1990. All this time I am a songwriting machine for 3 major publishers (Warner, Emi and Polygram). Fast forward to 2015 I release my first solo album called ‘sober’ which is an album of recovery themed songs as i went through a period of drug addiction and felt the need to offer some hope with my music. As of today (October 20, 2016) I am 3 weeks away from releasing a new 5 song ep titled ‘angels’. The first track is called ‘Lookin’ Up’ and features backgroud vocals from my father William Lee, my brother Chris and the lead singer from The Boys Band, Greg Gordon. talk about coming back to where it all began!!!! My 2 albums are available on itunes and other digital formats.

You can order Rusty Golden's "SOBER" & "Angels" directly at


Thanks to Rusty Golden



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