Rik Emmett & RESolution 9
Bryan Cole "Sands Of Time"

Rob Mathes "Wheelbarrow"


"This is the long lost brother/sister to my most personal record Evening Train. Shawn Pelton, Will Lee, Billy Masters and I went into the studio with a whole slew of post Evening Train songs in August of 2007. We had blazing sessions where we recorded a bunch of tracks live in the studio. All that needed to be recorded to finish those tracks was horn section parts, strings and a few other tidbits. Then...life took over. I left it unfinished. I kept promising I would complete it but I ended up traveling around with Sting, writing music for Springsteen, the Kennedy Center Honors, the Obama Inauguration and a hundred other things. Exciting and wonderful things to be doing of course, but I went silent on the home front. I listened to the tracks early this year and they floored me. I realized this was the sequel Evening Train begged for, music descending from: The Band, The Staples Singers, Dylan, Steve Earle, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, The Neville Brothers, Sister Rosetta and Blue-Eyed Soul. Containing all new original material and two of my best Dylan arrangements, "Ring Them Bells" and "Dignity," it is a record I am deeply proud of. It is a record I can't wait for you to hear."



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