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Citizen K "Second Thoughts"


”For those of us still alive and well enough to remember actually having lived through the Beatles dominated music world of the mid 1960’s, through the early 1970’s, you will recall that the double album was all the rage, having established itself as a major rock music statement in 1968. Flash forward nearly half a century later and what you have in your hands is ’Second Thoughts’, the long awaited 2017 double album by Sweden’s very own Citizen K. Known in his homeland as Kla...s Qvist, Citizen K has clearly spent a lot of time listening to that 1968 double album classic ’The White Album’ and, in the spirit of the Fab Four, the uncanny combination of Citizen K’s vocals, songwriting and guitar work is very much on display here, as are key contributions by album producer and engineer Tobias Walka, drummer Kim Gunneriusson and other fine musicians. ’Second Thoughts’ echoes the spirit of the 2009 album ’Meet Citizen K - Somewhere Up North’, but certainly, ’Second Thoughts’ drives the Citizen K sound even further. ’Second Thoughts’ contains 23 tracks of vital pop exuberance with 4 instrumental interludes that offers yet another fresh direction. Even casual pop listeners will find a gem or two, while more devoted and inquisitive music fans will totally devour ’Second Thoughts’ and its endless smorgasbord of big beat pop and memorable rock songs. In this way, Citizen K will challenge the world.”

Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN


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