Venice back to Europe Spring 2017
Rod Kinny "Forces Of Nature"

Claude Weisberg "Newest Things"


Claude Weisberg’s "Here I am" cd got very positive critic reviews around the world and Claude was so excited to go on through that incredible adventure.

His new album "Newest Things" will be released very soon and contains 13 songs in perfect westcoast and progressive style featuring guest musicians such as Herman Furin, Robert Sall, Nick Muneratti, Magnus Midelf Anders Kollefors, Ronny Johansson, Emmanuel Sandstrom, Andreas Tillborg, Frederico Pergolesi, Christian Marras, Michael Landau, Robbie Buchanan, Alexander Konbrink, Anders Sjogren, Jimmy Haslip, Andrea Di Puccio, Fredrik Oscarsson, Jean Michel Byron, Andrea Sanchini, Michael Thompson and many others.

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