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Debut album from Mr. Rubik "Wasted Paradise"


In spite of a long career as arranger, composer and producer, the name of Marco Taggiasco is mostly known by the audience because of his solo recordings and collaborations with artists like DAVID PACK (Grammy Award Winner, vocalist, recording artist and producer), ROBBIE DUPREE (Grammy Nominee vocalist, songwriter and recording artist) or ERIC TAGG (vocalist and songwriter, former Lee Ritenour band member).

The records by this multi-talented music maker have become a kind of cult items in Japan and Northern Europe. His style in production is focused on accurate songwriting selection and orchestral approach to melodies and arrangements, both on his own songs as well as on production of other artists' material.

His debut solo album Thousand Things, released in 2004, showcases the talent of emerging singer-songwriter ANDREA SANCHINI, longtime friend and collaborator. The record has been regarded as one of the most interesting Adult Pop albums of 2004/05.

Marco's second album, titled "This Moment" and released in 2008, features David Pack and Eric Tagg on vocals, as well as other renowned guests and session players. The CD's been reprinted and re-distributed by renowned Japanese label Vivid Sound Corporation with a Deluxe package including 2 bonus tracks. His single Got To Believe This Time, written with Grammy Nominee singer and songwriter ROBBIE DUPREE has had great response from the Westcoast Pop community all over the world.

Things and Moments LIVE, Enhanced-CD is the latest release from Marco and features 5 new tracks plus 4 videos. Among the guests are Andrea Sanchini, DAPHNE NISI (Baraonna, The Voice Of Italy) and Danish singer CLAUS LEONHARDT on vocals.


“Wasted Paradise” is the debut album from Mr. Rubik, a brand new session-players band led by Marco Taggiasco. 

Here’s a brief description from Marco’s own words: “Mr. Rubik was a side-project I planned to launch in the early 90s. For some reasons the project never saw the light. Nonetheless, I never stopped lying down ideas in the following time. After 25 years, Andrea and I had the chance to listen to the demos I produced back then. We both liked the tracks and thought the time was right for them to see the light. So we gathered round friends and collaborators and went back in the studio to finish the songs”.

The band delivers a strong 80s influenced sound with a slight rock edge. Songs span from classic FM rock to Acoustic Pop and Blue-Eyed Soul, all filtered thru good music taste and clever songwriting. As in every Marco Taggiasco’s work, production is the finest you can expect.

The record, titled Wasted Paradise, holds 9 tracks (including the single Horizon), and is almost a concept album, delivering lyrics dealing with contemporary life and introspective themes. It will be out on March 15 and available on CD Baby and other selected distributors worldwide.

Rod Kinny "Forces Of Nature"


A longtime musician, Rod Kinny has always had a passion for his craft. Beginning in elementary school with band and choir to playing bass in local rock bands. After graduating high school in a desperate attempt to escape his hometown of Austin, MN. Rod enlisted in the US Air Force.

In the mid 1980's he found himself stationed in England. Not particularly fond of his G.I. duties, while off duty he would escape base. Most often to the lure of the bright lights of London for music, art, pubs, & nightclubs. Initially hesitant of some of the British pop charts, he soon came to appreciate the music of Level 42, Peter Gabriel, Scritti Pollitti, and many others.

After leaving the Air Force and taking up digs in Minneapolis, he was playing in bands and doing catering. With frustration mounting, playing bass in local rock bands wasn't perking his creativity. And so he quit music, only to be reborn as a solo artist.

In early 2002 he released his lifelong dream of a solo record. In early 2007 he began what was to be his first breakthrough release with Producer Joe Puerta of Ambrosia, and Bruce Hornsby & The Range. The result was Higher Self released in May of 2010. Higher Self has sold in 12 countries and the title track went to #1 on's Adult Contemporary chart. The musical style is reminiscent of 1970's American West Coast album oriented rock with current, often inspirational themes.


Flashing forward to 2013, having established his musical mission, Rod began another recording project. This time with engineer & co-producer Brian Bart, former guitarist of Twin Cities' legendary band, Dare Force. The result? Forces of Nature, Mr. Kinny's most refined work, with help from some of the Upper Midwest's finest musicians including Bill Brown, Troy Norton, Kenny Wilson, Ernie LaViolette, John Calarco, Lewis Sego, Michael B. Nelson, & Steve Strand. With Forces of Nature, Rod has reached the apex of his musical achievement so far.

"It is my mission to carry this flame inside with determination to bring joy & happiness through my music" he says.

Claude Weisberg "Newest Things"


Claude Weisberg’s "Here I am" cd got very positive critic reviews around the world and Claude was so excited to go on through that incredible adventure.

His new album "Newest Things" will be released very soon and contains 13 songs in perfect westcoast and progressive style featuring guest musicians such as Herman Furin, Robert Sall, Nick Muneratti, Magnus Midelf Anders Kollefors, Ronny Johansson, Emmanuel Sandstrom, Andreas Tillborg, Frederico Pergolesi, Christian Marras, Michael Landau, Robbie Buchanan, Alexander Konbrink, Anders Sjogren, Jimmy Haslip, Andrea Di Puccio, Fredrik Oscarsson, Jean Michel Byron, Andrea Sanchini, Michael Thompson and many others.

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