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Don Barnes "Ride The Storm"


MelodicRock Records is thrilled to announce one of the biggest releases for the label thus far! How else could you describe an album featuring Don Barnes, Dann Huff, Alan Pasqua, Jeff & Mike Porcaro, Jesse Harms and Denny Carmassi?  

MRR will be the label finally able to extract one of the best “lost” albums of all time for an official release. Plenty have tried over the years, but timing is everything! Nearly 30 years ago, what would have been an instant classic was relegated to storage thanks to the old story of record label machinations.

Of course, we are talking about the classic AOR masterpiece DON BARNES solo album ‘Ride The Storm’.  

MelodicRock Records started a conversation with the legendary 38 Special vocalist nearly 12 months ago to the day, suggesting that more than enough time has passed and that this record deserves its time to shine.

So it is with great pleasure that MRR announces that DON BARNES ‘Ride The Storm’ will be released worldwide June 30.

And even better news for fans and collectors that have had this record in its various MP3 forms over the years, what you have isn’t the main record you’re about to hear. In searching for the original masters for ‘Ride The Storm’, after being lost for two decades, Don found the only existing copy of a ‘rock mix’ that was commissioned back in 1989 to take a look at how the songs would sound, remixed for a bigger ‘rock’ impact. Ever the completist, MRR’s Andrew McNeice insisted that both mixes of the classic album were included in the release – as well as the three individual, heavily traded, solo demo tracks that were recorded but not included on the original album.  

The complete ‘Ride The Storm’ release will therefore be a 2CD set, featuring the album in its intended form, plus the second ‘alternate mix’ disc, on which the three additional bonus tracks are added at the end.

World Trade "Unify"


Composed of some of L.A.'s most recognized studio and songwriting talents, Billy Sherwood, Guy Allison, and Bruce Gowdy, WORLD TRADE will release their third album, “Unify” on August 4, 2017 via Frontiers Music

Lead vocalist and main songwriter, Billy Sherwood has been a fixture of the L.A. studio and recording scene since the mid-80's. Billy's talents range from producing a GRAMMY nominated album for Paul Rodgers to being the current bass player of YES, handpicked by Chris Squire to replace him before his untimely death. He also recently joined up with Asia as a replacement for John Wetton after his passing for the band’s current US tour with Journey.  

"World Trade was always a very special band, with a unique sound. It's amazing all these years later to be able to make another record and have it feel just as special as the first,” says Sherwood.  

Guy Allison and Bruce Gowdy, a pair of musicians also known for being behind the awesome melodic rock band Unruly Child Band, and drummer Mark T. Williams (son of famed composer John Williams and brother of Toto singer Joseph) round out the line-up.  

“World Trade was always one of my favorite bands that I had the pleasure to be involved in. We are a real bunch of creative souls. Our debut record had such a great vibe and our new CD ‘Unity’ does as well! To our fans, we hope we can come out and play for you soon,” says Bruce Gowdy.  

"If I had heard World Trade back when I was an impressionable young man (one who fell in love with the band U.K. on the very first listen), they would have made a lifelong impression on me. I'm very proud to have been a part of that musical journey with some of my very best friends,” adds Guy Alliison.  

No doubt that World Trade is a world-class band in every sense. “Unify” is a mature sounding recording reflective of the years of experience within the band. With great songwriting, excellent vocals, and immense production values, this album will appeal to fans of Toto's most recent releases and 90125/Big Generator-era Yes, as well as fans of other progressive rock bands who value musicianship and songwriting craft.

Debut album from Mr. Rubik "Wasted Paradise"


In spite of a long career as arranger, composer and producer, the name of Marco Taggiasco is mostly known by the audience because of his solo recordings and collaborations with artists like DAVID PACK (Grammy Award Winner, vocalist, recording artist and producer), ROBBIE DUPREE (Grammy Nominee vocalist, songwriter and recording artist) or ERIC TAGG (vocalist and songwriter, former Lee Ritenour band member).

The records by this multi-talented music maker have become a kind of cult items in Japan and Northern Europe. His style in production is focused on accurate songwriting selection and orchestral approach to melodies and arrangements, both on his own songs as well as on production of other artists' material.

His debut solo album Thousand Things, released in 2004, showcases the talent of emerging singer-songwriter ANDREA SANCHINI, longtime friend and collaborator. The record has been regarded as one of the most interesting Adult Pop albums of 2004/05.

Marco's second album, titled "This Moment" and released in 2008, features David Pack and Eric Tagg on vocals, as well as other renowned guests and session players. The CD's been reprinted and re-distributed by renowned Japanese label Vivid Sound Corporation with a Deluxe package including 2 bonus tracks. His single Got To Believe This Time, written with Grammy Nominee singer and songwriter ROBBIE DUPREE has had great response from the Westcoast Pop community all over the world.

Things and Moments LIVE, Enhanced-CD is the latest release from Marco and features 5 new tracks plus 4 videos. Among the guests are Andrea Sanchini, DAPHNE NISI (Baraonna, The Voice Of Italy) and Danish singer CLAUS LEONHARDT on vocals.


“Wasted Paradise” is the debut album from Mr. Rubik, a brand new session-players band led by Marco Taggiasco. 

Here’s a brief description from Marco’s own words: “Mr. Rubik was a side-project I planned to launch in the early 90s. For some reasons the project never saw the light. Nonetheless, I never stopped lying down ideas in the following time. After 25 years, Andrea and I had the chance to listen to the demos I produced back then. We both liked the tracks and thought the time was right for them to see the light. So we gathered round friends and collaborators and went back in the studio to finish the songs”.

The band delivers a strong 80s influenced sound with a slight rock edge. Songs span from classic FM rock to Acoustic Pop and Blue-Eyed Soul, all filtered thru good music taste and clever songwriting. As in every Marco Taggiasco’s work, production is the finest you can expect.

The record, titled Wasted Paradise, holds 9 tracks (including the single Horizon), and is almost a concept album, delivering lyrics dealing with contemporary life and introspective themes. It will be out on March 15 and available on CD Baby and other selected distributors worldwide.

Geoff Alpert "Open Your Heart"


Trombonist Geoff Alpert has loved music all his life, studying the craft, learning several brass/valve instruments, playing in bands and composing songs. Inspired by the likes of jazz legend J.J. Johnson, rock band Chicago’s James Pankow, and fusion greats such as Wayne Henderson and Raul de Souza. Geoff studied music as a major at San Diego State University while supplementing his income gigging near and far. Yet he walked away from music for 30 years in the early `80s to be an ideal provider as a husband and father. Following the painful passing of his wife from cancer in 2002, Geoff did some profound soul searching which led him to pick up his trombone again, gradually easing back into the scene where he met bassist Darryl Williams and musical director/keyboardist Gail Jhonson. Both pushed and assisted him in creating a musical statement that spoke to his emotional life story, his undying passion for the art form and the spiritual Eastern martial arts disciplines that guided him along his journey. That album is Open Your Heart.

Geoff Alpert’s Open Your Heart (co–produced with Gail Jhonson) is a 10–tune tapestry which lovingly places the trombone in a front and center position it rarely enjoys in the present musical landscape. Floating between Jazz, Pop, R&B and Latin sound signatures, it’s a bold yet highly accessible listen. Highlights include the Brazilian flight of the title track, a cover of The Jacksons’ “Heartbreak Hotel” (composed by the immortal Michael Jackson and specially arranged for Geoff by Gail), the transfixing and deeply touching trombone and keyboard duet “Thinking About You” (in memory of his departed mother and wife), “The Crusade” (a tribute to The Jazz Crusaders/The Crusaders emulating some of the progressive sounds of the band’s evolution over five groundbreaking decades), the groovin’ “Zen Funk” (featuring bassist Darryl Williams and dedicated to the Ken-Ka-Kung Fu Club, the martial arts school which Geoff has been both student and teacher for four decades), and an especially emotive cover of sister trio The Emotions’ 1977 hit “Don’t Ask My Neighbors” on which Geoff tips his hat to trombonist Raul de Souza, first instrumentalist to cover the song

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Kaurna Cronin ”Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness”


Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness” is the 4th studio album from 24 year old, multi award winning, Australian singer, songwriter and folk rocker Kaurna Cronin, whose music combines folk, acoustic, pop, rock and indie.

With a strong emphasis on grand story telling Kaurna creates a unique blend of narrative style folk songs coupled with group harmonies, catchy hooks and energetic folk jams, which have won him accolades and audiences all over the world. Being named as 'Artist Of The Year' by Folk Alliance Australia in 2015, awarded the prestigious APRA AMCOS 'Emily Burrows Award' and 'Best Acoustic Act' at Fowler's Live Awards are only a few of his notable achievements, along with a long list of national and international festival performances.

Growing up amongst the Australian folk festival circuit with his family and listening to the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young and Paul Kelly, Kaurna began to write and perform songs on streets all over Australia and Europe. Kaurna Cronin, the son of a professional clown, grew up first developing circus skills with a dream to entertain. He now harnesses a natural ability to engage and inspire crowds internationally.

In the past years Australian songsmith Kaurna Cronin has performed in venues, on street corners and festivals worldwide, performing alongside artists such as Keith Urban, Michael Franti, Robert Forster, John McCutcheon, Colin Hay from Men At Work and Roscoe James-Irwin (Cat Empire).

”Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness” is a varied and poetic collection of moods, ideas and tales craftily pieced together by Kaurna and band. The songs, reminiscent of a life on the wide open road and the 3 most reoccurring emotions encountered throughout his lifelong musical journey, ”Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness”.

Aaron English "American Dream"


Seattle based piano man Aaron English has been steadily building a buzz in the US, thanks to 4 self released albums and regular touring throughout the US as a solo artist and with The Aaron English Band.

In 2012, Aaron scored a Top 5 Italian radio hit in Italy with an epic medley reinvention of The Beatles' and Led Zeppelin's classics "Norwegian Wood" and "Kashmir". Also in 2012, Aaron formed the side project Boombox Séance with Baltimore singer songwriter Victoria Vox. After writing and touring together in the summer and fall of 2012, they released the album ”Boombox Séance”, produced by Geoff Stanfield, in March 2013.

In 2015, Aaron spent 2 music filled months as a record producer, songwriter, performer in East Africa, where he founded International Youth Music Project, a charity that supports music programs at orphanages.

In 2017, Aaron began a four month tour of Europe to promote his solo album ”American [Fever] Dream”.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Andreas Aleman "From Within"


Andreas Aleman was born and raised in Södertälje, which is a town south of Stockholm, Sweden. He grew up listening to artists like Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and others that has influenced him in his writing, musical taste and music style.

His music is a combination of Soul, Funk, Gospel and Westcoast music. Andreas has released 3 excellent albums « This is Life », « It’s The Journey » and « Home For Christmas ». Andreas Aleman just released his brand new cd « From Within ».

"This is a different kind of album featuring a scaled-down, acoustic set with mainly piano/vocals. For me, music is about touching people and expressing a feeling, and this is my way of trying to do just that through the music on FROM WITHIN." - Andreas

Snakecharmer "Second Skin"


The super group Snakecharmer was originally founded in 2011 by former Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray along with the perfect mix of high calibre musicians including Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash), Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne), and Chris Ousey (Heartland). 

The band’s debut self-titled album was released in 2013 and musically the record showed a finely crafted hard rock style mixed with blues and melodic overtones, akin to Whitesnake (1979-81 era) and Bad Company with hints of early Foreigner as well. Snakecharmer played live shows regularly in support of the album’s release and built a very solid fanbase all over the UK and Europe.

In 2016, Moody left the band and was replaced by the Irish born Simon McBride on lead guitar. Simon was hailed “among the best blues-rock players anywhere in the world” by Guitarist Magazine and has built up an impressive resume playing with outstanding rock, soul, and blues artists. “Second Skin” is the hotly anticipated second effort from Snakecharmer and brings the listener straight back to the good old days of real rock n' roll played with heart and soul.

Slightly harder edged compared to the debut, but with roots still firmly planted in the Bad Company, early Whitesnake with a hint of late 70s AOR, this new record sounds fresh and crisp. Strong, passionate, rocking, and blues-laden, “Second Skin” is quality British hard rock at its very best!