Don Barnes "Ride The Storm"
"Now More Than Ever" The History Of Chicago by Peter Pardini

Arnold McCuller "Witness"


Witness is Arnold's 5 song EP recorded in 2017 that covers a range of emotions from the percussion driven title track to the blues stomping "Hard Times" to cocktail lounge ballads on "Simple Equation". Witness was produced by Arnold's longtime collaborator Matt Cusson, who also co-wrote two of the songs ("Simple Equation", "It Is What It Is") as well as programming, keys, percussion and backing vocals for most of the album. Lending a hand are Arnold's bandmates from James Taylor and Phil Collins: Michael Landau (guitar), Jimmy Johnson (bass), and Luis Conte (percussion). Witness also features Andrew Edmonds (drums), Viktor Krauss, Ramon Yslas, and Jon Gilutin.


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