Christopher Cross "Take Me As I Am"
William Sikström "Running Out Of Time"

Brian Hobbs "Reflections"


Check out the latest album released by Brian Hobbs. It features 12 new songs performed with many talented singers including Andreas Aleman who has collaborated with Brian in the past releasing amazing music together.

The CD is available at

Tracklist: I Know (feat. Andreas Aleman), Crazy Crazy People (feat. Johan Becker), Loveache (feat. Monica Silverstrand), Let Me Love You (feat. Mia Löfgren), Being There (feat. Leif Larson), Kindness (feat. Andreas Aleman), Just Another No News Day (feat. Charlotte & Dea), Father to a Son (feat. Tom Levin), Lova Mig Ingenting (feat. Nina Rosendal), Will You Still Be Here? (feat. Mia Löfgren), So Much Left Unsaid (feat. Jonas Gideon), I Love This Old Town


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