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Michael Landau "Rock Bottom"


Rock Bottom sounds like it left the Morrison Hotel in 1970, got lost in Laurel Canyon, and finally found its way out onto Ventura Boulevard in 2017. It suggests Joni Mitchell's heady brew of imagery laden words and mystical melodies as easily as it evokes Hendrix, Arthur Lee and Love's Forever Changes, and Buffalo Springfield. It is, however, above all, an album with a singular voice of its own. Have you ever been experienced? Well, this album will get you where you're going. 

Michael Landau: "I've been playing mostly instrumental music for the past 10 years, out of nowhere I woke up one morning with the strong urge to play some hard edged music with vocals… guess it makes sense because it's really the music I grew up on. So I reunited with my ole pal David Frazee"

From the Burning Water days, we wrote a lot of songs together, most of which ended up on this new 'Rock Bottom' record." From the Sgt Pepper-esque warm-up intro to the mind-warping "Squirrels" to the late night jazz room sounds that haunt "Freedom", Landau and Frazee weave tale after tale that will have you wondering how you can be in two places at one time, but relax and enjoy the ride. These like-minded musical scientists have created Rock Bottom for your listening pleasure, a record which sits as comfortably in 2018 as it may have in 1967. The set closing "Speak Now Make your Peace" would have sounded great at Woodstock.

William Sikström "Running Out Of Time"


There’s album and so you got something who stands out from other albums, William Sikström is one of those!! He has done it again. In 2015 Sikström released his debut album ”I’ll Will Be Waiting” and we have waiting for this upcoming album!

Now the wait is over and you won’t be disappointed this time either! As last time William sings on the most songs and he’s wife Rakel participate with her voice on one track. Two other is guests on this record Adrian Emilsson and Henrik Hansson. A wonderful record with nine brilliant track in real Westcoast spirit. Just lean back an enjoy every track, this feel great in my Westcoast heart that it still releases this kind of music.

Favorite on the album so far is ”Never to Late” featuring Henrik Hansson but all the tracks is high quality songs and a must in your Westcoast collection!!

Bengt Isaksson

You can by it as download at iTunes Or order it directly from William true messenger

Brian Hobbs "Reflections"


Check out the latest album released by Brian Hobbs. It features 12 new songs performed with many talented singers including Andreas Aleman who has collaborated with Brian in the past releasing amazing music together.

The CD is available at

Tracklist: I Know (feat. Andreas Aleman), Crazy Crazy People (feat. Johan Becker), Loveache (feat. Monica Silverstrand), Let Me Love You (feat. Mia Löfgren), Being There (feat. Leif Larson), Kindness (feat. Andreas Aleman), Just Another No News Day (feat. Charlotte & Dea), Father to a Son (feat. Tom Levin), Lova Mig Ingenting (feat. Nina Rosendal), Will You Still Be Here? (feat. Mia Löfgren), So Much Left Unsaid (feat. Jonas Gideon), I Love This Old Town

Christopher Cross "Take Me As I Am"


"Take Me As I Am" is a unique offering from Christopher Cross, a hybrid of sorts – the songs are instrumentals with choruses to create the lyrical landscape. This is not quite a “guitar” album, but it leaves the listener with no question about his expertise on the subject. Two very special songs are “Roberta," dedicated to Christopher’s mentor, Joni Mitchell, and “Truth” with a lyric by Rob Meurer, one of the last songs Rob wrote before his tragic passing. This song is sung as a duet with Gigi Worth, a name that will be familiar to Christopher’s fans. Gigi and Rob were also very close, which makes her performance on this track all the more meaningful.

The album closes with a song in memory of Rob called "Alvah," (Rob’s middle name), which features beautiful string arrangements by Chris Walden. In Christopher’s words, “It was a blessing to work with all these talented folks in the making of this album which holds so many bittersweet emotions for me. I didn't expect to make another one, but, as Rob reminded me once, it's what we do.” Enjoy!

Drums – Keith Carlock Bass – Will Lee Sax – Andy Suzuki Keyboards – Eddy Hobizal Vocals on “Down to The Wire” – Erin Ivey Vocals on “Baby It’s All You” – Kim Parent, Marcia Ramirez, and Britt Savage Vocals on “Truth” – Gigi Worth 

Bob Seger "I Know You When"


I Knew You When is Seger’s 18th studio effort, latest in an album catalog that stretches back to 1968’s Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man,” whose hit title track, fittingly, featured Glen Frey on backing vocals. Nostalgia courses through the new project, including a black-and-white cover image of a 21-year-old Seger in ’66 — the year he met Frey on the Detroit music scene and forged a lifelong bond as they blossomed from unknowns into household rock names.

Inside is a photo of the two backstage at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 2014, Frey’s final visit to a Seger concert.

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