Brian Hobbs "Reflections"
Michael Landau "Rock Bottom"

William Sikström "Running Out Of Time"


There’s album and so you got something who stands out from other albums, William Sikström is one of those!! He has done it again. In 2015 Sikström released his debut album ”I’ll Will Be Waiting” and we have waiting for this upcoming album!

Now the wait is over and you won’t be disappointed this time either! As last time William sings on the most songs and he’s wife Rakel participate with her voice on one track. Two other is guests on this record Adrian Emilsson and Henrik Hansson. A wonderful record with nine brilliant track in real Westcoast spirit. Just lean back an enjoy every track, this feel great in my Westcoast heart that it still releases this kind of music.

Favorite on the album so far is ”Never to Late” featuring Henrik Hansson but all the tracks is high quality songs and a must in your Westcoast collection!!

Bengt Isaksson

You can by it as download at iTunes Or order it directly from William true messenger


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