Left Lane "In Common" for the first time ever on cd!!!!
Michael Kratz "Live Your Life"

GIG "Brave New World"


Contante & Sonante is thrilled and excited to present the debut release from the band GIG titled 'Brave New World'.

GIG is comprised of the legendary songwriters and musicians Randy Goodrum, Dave Innis & Bruce Gaitsch, whose blended talents have produced such an honest, authentic and original sound within this special group project.

Additional artists lending their talents to this unique endeavor include Keith Carlock, Dan Needham, George Hawkins Jr., Tim Denbo, Doug Yowell, Billy Ward, Charlie McCoy, Janey Clewer & the late, great Warren Wiebe.

Scheduled to release on April 30th as an exclusive 1000 copy limited numbered edition, pre-orders are being accepted now exclusively through contanteysonante.bigcartel.com.

Ensuring that you'll have one of the valuable numbered copies of GIG 'Brave New World', we encourage you to reserve now!


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