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Left Lane "In Common" for the first time ever on cd!!!!


On March 28, P-Vine Records in Japan will release ”In Common” by Left Lane, originally released in 1985.

This album has previously only been available on LP in Sweden through Sison Music, however in a extremely limited edition. But now,thanks to P-Vine Records ,You will be able to enjoy this album for the first time ever on CD. You can listen to audio files through the attached clip.

Lovers of PM and Peter Mayer Group will enjoy this album. Left Lane features Peter Mayer, guitar and vocals, Jim Mayer ,bass, Roger Guth, drums and Ray Kennedy, keyboards. This album includes the original versions of the songs "In Common" and "Garden Wall", which were instrumental versions on Dave Weckl's debut album "Master Plan" 1990. ”In Common” was recorded and engineered by Jay Oliver in Studio 88 in St. Louis. It was produced as a joint venture with Oliver and the band. With its mix of instrumental and vocals, “In Common” is without a doubt one of the most intelligent collections of music recorded in this genre. Make sure to secure your copy of Left Lane "In Common" by ordering it from the following sources.

They are taking pre-orders now:,,,,

You can also check out various retailers on eBay.

Thanks to Mikael Engström


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