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BJATO “At Last”


We are delighted to announce that on the 13th July, ‘Backman Johanson and the others’ (BJATO) released their AOR/West Coast Rock album “At Last.”

Kaj Backman has played with Kee Marcello and is now focusing on his songwriting covering music in all genres. Mats Johanson has played for Swedish Funk Connection, Hope, Paul Young and Drama, and has also worked as a session player with Asia, D´sound, and Heartbreak Radio. Mats has also released his own CD,”Hardfusion.

BJATO’s music characterizes and emphasizes songs with great vocals and cool guitar arrangements. The album “At Last” contains twelve killer songs, from an exciting International line up of singers and musicians.

This unique cooperation between the Swedish duo Kaj Backman and Mats Johanson has produced a compilation of songs which are influenced by bands such as TOTO, Airplay and Maxus to name a few.

BJATO are proud to have the outstanding, quality vocals of AOR singers Göran Edman, Frank Ådahl, Patrik Ahlm, Johan Boding, Regin Guttesen, Gabby Gordon, Isak Widmark, Robin Öhman, och Maurizio Sorrone, with most of the lyrics for the songs written by UK lyricist, Mellina Barnett.

The album, “At Last” has been produced by Kaj Backman and Mats Johanson, along with Tomi Malm, Scott Williamson and Joakim Styren.

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