BJATO “At Last”
David Garfield "Jammin’ Outside the Box"

Glenn Shorrock "Rise Again"


With the title track from Glenn Shorrock’s new album having been released earlier this week, the album itself has hit shelves across the country as well as digital retail stores.  RISE AGAIN is a collection of new songs from different writers, including Shorrock himself. Contributors on the album include Terry Britten and Graham Lyle for ‘The Wood and the Wire’ and ‘Make A Difference’, Mitch Cairns for ‘Trouble’, and David Froggatt for ‘Candlelight Moon’ and ‘Blissful Oblivion’. Glenn’s also included his own 2008 recording of Dave Dobbyn’s ‘Slice of Heaven’, and penned three of the songs, ‘Hear My Voice’, ‘Emperors Clothes’ and ‘Stick Up Your Finger’. RISE AGAIN is a textured reflection of a mature, evolving artist who has enjoyed the rare sight from the summit of showbiz, and knows all too well the struggle that invariably comes with it. Shorrock has tapped into this struggle and found new energy. 

The founding frontman of The Twilights, Axiom and ‘70s hitmakers Little River Band (later known as LRB), Shorrock carved out astonishing success around the globe and particularly in the USA, where LRB shifted the bulk of its 25 million-plus career album sales. The living legend has the unusual distinction of having been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on two occasions, both as a member of LRB, and as a solo artist. Currently touring through until December, with shows across NSW, as well as Melbourne and Geelong in September, Shorrock always looks forward, although his live performances always pay respect to the past. His typical set list features a wealth of classic tracks from across his 50-year-plus career, woven in with material from his latest album. “It’s an eclectic bunch of material,” he says of RISE AGAIN. “I didn’t want to reproduce the same song over and again and not everybody is going to like everything. But I wanted it to be a very dynamic record. And I think I’ve succeeded in that".


With a career spanning over 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business. Born in Kent England in 1944 before emigrating with his family to Adelaide as a ‘ten pound Pom’ in the 1950s, his is a success story that took him around the world to international stardom. From his days with Sixties pop band The Twilights, to his work with Brian Cadd and Axiom in the early 1970s to his fronting of chart-topping Little River Band, Glenn tells his story in an intelligent, witty style that recalls the heady days of the 1960s and international fame in the 1970s and 80s.


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