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Glenn Shorrock "Rise Again"


With the title track from Glenn Shorrock’s new album having been released earlier this week, the album itself has hit shelves across the country as well as digital retail stores.  RISE AGAIN is a collection of new songs from different writers, including Shorrock himself. Contributors on the album include Terry Britten and Graham Lyle for ‘The Wood and the Wire’ and ‘Make A Difference’, Mitch Cairns for ‘Trouble’, and David Froggatt for ‘Candlelight Moon’ and ‘Blissful Oblivion’. Glenn’s also included his own 2008 recording of Dave Dobbyn’s ‘Slice of Heaven’, and penned three of the songs, ‘Hear My Voice’, ‘Emperors Clothes’ and ‘Stick Up Your Finger’. RISE AGAIN is a textured reflection of a mature, evolving artist who has enjoyed the rare sight from the summit of showbiz, and knows all too well the struggle that invariably comes with it. Shorrock has tapped into this struggle and found new energy. 

The founding frontman of The Twilights, Axiom and ‘70s hitmakers Little River Band (later known as LRB), Shorrock carved out astonishing success around the globe and particularly in the USA, where LRB shifted the bulk of its 25 million-plus career album sales. The living legend has the unusual distinction of having been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on two occasions, both as a member of LRB, and as a solo artist. Currently touring through until December, with shows across NSW, as well as Melbourne and Geelong in September, Shorrock always looks forward, although his live performances always pay respect to the past. His typical set list features a wealth of classic tracks from across his 50-year-plus career, woven in with material from his latest album. “It’s an eclectic bunch of material,” he says of RISE AGAIN. “I didn’t want to reproduce the same song over and again and not everybody is going to like everything. But I wanted it to be a very dynamic record. And I think I’ve succeeded in that".


With a career spanning over 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business. Born in Kent England in 1944 before emigrating with his family to Adelaide as a ‘ten pound Pom’ in the 1950s, his is a success story that took him around the world to international stardom. From his days with Sixties pop band The Twilights, to his work with Brian Cadd and Axiom in the early 1970s to his fronting of chart-topping Little River Band, Glenn tells his story in an intelligent, witty style that recalls the heady days of the 1960s and international fame in the 1970s and 80s.

BJATO “At Last”


We are delighted to announce that on the 13th July, ‘Backman Johanson and the others’ (BJATO) released their AOR/West Coast Rock album “At Last.”

Kaj Backman has played with Kee Marcello and is now focusing on his songwriting covering music in all genres. Mats Johanson has played for Swedish Funk Connection, Hope, Paul Young and Drama, and has also worked as a session player with Asia, D´sound, and Heartbreak Radio. Mats has also released his own CD,”Hardfusion.

BJATO’s music characterizes and emphasizes songs with great vocals and cool guitar arrangements. The album “At Last” contains twelve killer songs, from an exciting International line up of singers and musicians.

This unique cooperation between the Swedish duo Kaj Backman and Mats Johanson has produced a compilation of songs which are influenced by bands such as TOTO, Airplay and Maxus to name a few.

BJATO are proud to have the outstanding, quality vocals of AOR singers Göran Edman, Frank Ådahl, Patrik Ahlm, Johan Boding, Regin Guttesen, Gabby Gordon, Isak Widmark, Robin Öhman, och Maurizio Sorrone, with most of the lyrics for the songs written by UK lyricist, Mellina Barnett.

The album, “At Last” has been produced by Kaj Backman and Mats Johanson, along with Tomi Malm, Scott Williamson and Joakim Styren.

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Jeffrey Foskett / Jeff Larson "Elua Aloha"


Two purveyors of musical sunshine have teamed up for their first collaborative album and it delivers on its implied promise of sun, surf, and tropical breezes. Singer-songwriter Jeff Larson has joined with his longtime collaborator, Jeffrey Foskett of The Beach Boys, for Elua Aloha, an upbeat and inviting celebration of the California sound in all its many colors... Larson has written all but two of the songs on this release, and produced or co-produced nearly every track, while both artists (whose voices mesh beautifully) share vocal duties on leads and backgrounds.

They are joined by a host of fine musicians including drummer Ryland Steen, multi-instrumentalist Jeff Pevar ex-Chicago bassist Jason Scheff, The Smithereens drummer Dennis Diken, and America's Gerry Beckley... There s a fresh, crisp sound in the air on the happily romantic opening track. The breezy harmonies of Feeling Just the Way I Do recall the best of America. Hawaiian pop legend Henry Kapono, one half of Cecilio and Kapono, not only wrote the song (a C&K classic) but shares the lead vocal with Foskett and lends his acoustic guitar. Larson bottles the perfect antidote for a rainy day on Need a Little Summer with its catchy melody and gorgeous bridge. He takes the lead on the uptempo track while Foskett supplies his trademark Beach Boys falsetto backgrounds...

You Remind Me of the Sun, a new recording of the Larson favorite with a Foskett lead vocal, continues to keep the blues at bay, as does the bright, jangle-pop of The Word Go. She Has to Know by Now, originally recorded on 2006 s Swimming in the Make Believe, gets another strong reworking... The impressionistic yet vividly clear lyric of Windblown Mind adds up to an ode to the Golden State music that has clearly enchanted both Larson and Foskett and likely anyone who would consider picking up this release. Even more specific is the atmospheric Shadows of the Canyon, written for The Accidental Photographer, the 2017 documentary about Henry Diltz. Larson namechecks The Byrds, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and other shadows of Laurel Canyon on this heartfelt homage. (Diltz's calligraphy actually adorns this album.) ... Elua Aloha deftly blends uptempo material with softer sounds, and electric with acoustic moods. John Blakeley (The Sandals) plays the titular instrument on the delicate, tropically-flavored ode to a Girl with Uke.

A shimmering Gerry Beckley ballad with his trademark melodic sensibility, All Bets Are Off, features Larson in the lead supported by both the songwriter and Foskett. (Beckley plays piano, acoustic, and electric guitars on the track, while Jason Scheff takes on bass and Chris Tedesco on trumpet). Hazy Sunshine, also previously recorded in a solo version by Larson, has a beautifully wistful quality; Beckley joins lead vocalist Foskett on the harmonies. One of the album s most moving tracks is also in a ballad mode. Frontier Village is a pretty, low-key remembrance of the San Jose western-themed amusement park that existed between 1961 and 1980. A warmth recalling David Gates finest songs infuses the track. The closer, the World I'm In serves as a soft grace note for the album.. Alternately invigorating and relaxing, the altogether refreshing Elua Aloha is a fine addition to the California musical landscape from two practitioners who have earned their own place in the storied musical tradition

Jaki Graham "When A Woman Loves"


As the first black British female solo artist to have 6 consecutive Top 10 / 20 hits, Jaki Graham firmly maintains her position as Britain’s most revered queen of soul, with the release of her long awaited new studio album When a Woman Loves.

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, When a Woman Loves is the beautiful result of Jaki’s personal and at times challenging life journey, highlighting her resilience and strength of character. With song contributions from Michael McDonald (Through The Rain, Someone Like You and Song Inside Me), Eric Benet (News For You) and the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire (Eye To Eye), the album is an exciting celebration of Jaki’s 40+ years in the business.

This 14-track album offers up a versatile mix of retro, soul and funk as it tells a story and takes us on an eclectic, soulful ride, which Jaki herself is proud to call upgraded old-skool. From the sentimental songs that many will consider life’s soundtracks, to the fresh feel good vibes (with a pinch of nostalgia thrown in), there’s a little something for everyone. Fans of old definitely won’t be disappointed as Jaki seamlessly picks up where she left off, whilst at the same time re-introducing us to her outstanding vocals, having matured and amassed even more power. Its broad appeal has the pull to draw a whole new audience whom, if they weren’t previously aware of Jaki Graham, then they soon will be.

On each listen you can’t help but discover something new, whether embedded deep within the music or simply with those subtle background harmonies, but either way as soon as the album has finished you can happily have it on repeat and immediately listen all over again. The solid foundations on which this has been produced is honest and authentic and almost leaves you with a sense of familiarity, as it takes you back to a time where music truly was music, came from the heart and was there for all to be enjoyed. When a Woman Loves is an exquisite testament to Jaki’s timeless artistry and professional growth and proof that, make no mistakes, Jaki Graham, without fail, still shows us all how it’s done!