Freedonia feat. Christopher Cross
Jeffrey Foskett / Jeff Larson "Elua Aloha"

Jaki Graham "When A Woman Loves"


As the first black British female solo artist to have 6 consecutive Top 10 / 20 hits, Jaki Graham firmly maintains her position as Britain’s most revered queen of soul, with the release of her long awaited new studio album When a Woman Loves.

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, When a Woman Loves is the beautiful result of Jaki’s personal and at times challenging life journey, highlighting her resilience and strength of character. With song contributions from Michael McDonald (Through The Rain, Someone Like You and Song Inside Me), Eric Benet (News For You) and the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire (Eye To Eye), the album is an exciting celebration of Jaki’s 40+ years in the business.

This 14-track album offers up a versatile mix of retro, soul and funk as it tells a story and takes us on an eclectic, soulful ride, which Jaki herself is proud to call upgraded old-skool. From the sentimental songs that many will consider life’s soundtracks, to the fresh feel good vibes (with a pinch of nostalgia thrown in), there’s a little something for everyone. Fans of old definitely won’t be disappointed as Jaki seamlessly picks up where she left off, whilst at the same time re-introducing us to her outstanding vocals, having matured and amassed even more power. Its broad appeal has the pull to draw a whole new audience whom, if they weren’t previously aware of Jaki Graham, then they soon will be.

On each listen you can’t help but discover something new, whether embedded deep within the music or simply with those subtle background harmonies, but either way as soon as the album has finished you can happily have it on repeat and immediately listen all over again. The solid foundations on which this has been produced is honest and authentic and almost leaves you with a sense of familiarity, as it takes you back to a time where music truly was music, came from the heart and was there for all to be enjoyed. When a Woman Loves is an exquisite testament to Jaki’s timeless artistry and professional growth and proof that, make no mistakes, Jaki Graham, without fail, still shows us all how it’s done!


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