Allan Thomas "Two Sides To Every Story"

Alessi Brothers "Water"


« It all began at a « Record Your Own Voice «  booth at the Penny Arcade in Rockaway Beach, New York circa in 1958. It’s been quite an adventure and we thank you for keeping our music in your life.

We started this album a long time ago… that’s the way it goes I guess when you don’t have a record company that has you on retainer which is the pressure of, « Hurry up and write more of those great catchy songs! »… Really?

Also we did let life get in the way, which is important! So it took a little longer but we feel so good about this collection of music that we are here to tell you what went into making this album, lots of personal experiences, obviously, but also there are a few interesting stories and inspirations that brought this album about. It might be the best for us to tell you the stories and let you figure out what songs they relate to.. or not.

Frankie Valli called us and said « Write me a feel good party song, kinda like « %@#(*… we said ok and wrote « Let It All Out ». Frankie loves the song. Hopefully, it’ll be on his next album but while we were producing our version of it, Billy had this haunting piano piece which we then wrote a ballad for Frankie, « All I Want ».

Inspiration can come from the passion you can feel about a dog or a cat! Suitcase is inspired by the look in Billy’s dogs eyes when he brings down his suitcase to get ready for a work travel! His dog would sit in the suitcase with the saddest look! We couldn’t resist but write « Suitcase » Then there is the adoration we cat lovers can feel for our feline friends! Fred, was a stray that would show up on Bobby and Camilla’s property.

Sometimes in the rain! He was afraid to trust people for a reason we’ll never know. They say that the pet picks the owner. Fred was a beautiful red freckled need cat that became a strong family member but for way too short of time. He passed away early in his young life. This is the beautiful inspired track called, « For Fred ».

« Life’s A Cliche » co-writer Mike Ricciardella sent us this great Beatle-ly guitar riff that inspired the song! Thanks Mike.

« Top O f The World » reminiscing on the early days of riding the entertainment roller coaster.

« Fly Away » How you feel when your girlfriend goes back to Brazil. « Zombie Love » Bobby’s wife Camilla loves Zombie movies and shows. Now it’s true love.

« Pelagias Song » Just a beautiful piece of music from the Captain’s Mandolin that we love to play. « On The Water » One of our favorite place to be.

Enjoy! B&B


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