David Crosby "Here If You Listen"
Barry Leef "Rhythmized"

Bernie Chiaravalle "Dreamer"


This year, singer/songwriter/guitarist Bernie Chiaravalle marks his thirtieth anniversary playing with the Michael McDonald Band.  It has been a remarkable career touring and recording with the five-time Grammy winner, as well as guesting and writing songs for other artists like Judy Collins, Amy Holland, David Pack, Pat Simmons, Larry Carlton and many others.  Somehow, despite living such a busy life, he has also found the time to use his creative eye as a web designer for other artists and businesses.

Now, as the calendar gets closer to turning the page, Bernie Chiaravalle happily announces the arrival of Dreamer, his ninth solo album.  His excellent body of solo work reveals him to be very much connected to the world around him and still dedicated to the enduring idea that love can save the world.

On Dreamer, he not only wrote all of the music, but also handled all vocals and the vast majority of the instrumentation.  This is not easy task, wearing the hats of a recording engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.  I asked him how he handles juggling such a busy tour schedule with his own solo projects.  He says “I find it’s sometimes good to get away from a project, and playing with Mike is a perfect distraction.”

Dreamer begins with an ode to the kind of love that will stand the test of time, in “Your Love is Everything.”  The way this exquisite melody floats gently over soft descending chords reassures and strengthens the message.



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