Mark Baker "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be"
Marc Bonilla "Celluloid debris"

Geyster "Television"


"We live in a society where words and images speak louder than action.

We pretend to save the world, so we sign the trendiest online petitions or walk together to protest racism or to save the climate.

And for the sake of a good conscience we manage to convince ourselves we can have a significant impact on those things. Then we proudly post evidences with pictures or videos of our heroic actions on social networks to show how engaged and good we are to our followers.

We have, in some way, created our own television channels with a continuous live stream of the surface of our lives, showing an entertaining binary and contrast less world of make-believe strictly limited to joys & frights, pain and enjoyment sadness & happiness with the void throwing in between.

Gil Scott Heron used to say the revolution will not be televised. Well The revolution will be (and already is) advertised, facebooked, twittered, instagrammed, networked Broadcast…. and therefore, it will be televised."

Gaël Benjamin


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