Valerie Carter "Live In Tokyo, 1994" with Yoshiyuki Sahashi
CWF 2 is OUT today! Great review by CrypticRock

Bruce Gaitsch: 1976 to 2020, a retrospective


Coming soon, new double CD from very talented Bruce Gaitsch: "1976 to 2020 a retrospective!" With new Bill Champlin, George Hawkins Jr. Randy Goodrum, etc!
Bruce Gaitsch has just announced this new double CD to Westcoast Rendez-Vous staff and everybody is eager to listen to it!

"Cherry Picking 1976-2020" could be the title of this Bruce Gaitsch retrospective!

White Flag - (New) 2020 - Kelly Keagy
Lebanon TN? - 2017 - Marc Jordan
Let’s Do Something Good - 2017 - Chis Rodriguez
Private O’Toole - 2017 - GiG
Haunt Me Tonight - 1992 - Richard Marx
Fools Cry - 1995 - Fee Waybill
Unchain My Heart - (New) 2020 - George Hawkins Jr
He’s the Moon in Spain - 2018 - Janey Clewer
Beautiful Again - 2018 - Matt McPherson
Aphasia - 1997 - Bill Champlin
Reason to Believe - (New) 2020 - Bill Champlin
Secrets of the Night - (New) 2020 - Bill Champlin
Arcturian Tenderness - 1976 - Chi Rythmn
Waltz for a Wandering Misfit 1976 - Chi Rythmn
Mary Anna - 1983 - Tim
Time Will Never Know - 1990 - Joe Pasquale
God Only Knows - 1993 - Timothy B. Schmit
Avalon Christmas - Me - 2016
Villa Lobotomy’s - Me - 2000
A Day in the Life of a Fool - The Bossa Nova Hotel - 2009
A Day in the Life of Elanor Rigby
You’re Not Alone - Jay Graydon and Warren Wiebe

George Hawkins JR, John Patitucci, Keith Carlock, CJ Vanston, Kelly Keagy, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Pat Leonard, Randy Goodrum, Richard Marx, Fee Waybill, DesI Kondova, Janey Clewer, Chris Rodriguez, Marc Jordan, Matt McPherson, Dave Innis, Ruggero Robin, Gary Smith, Dennis Johnson, Terry Fryer, Jim Peterik, Derek Wyatt, Thom Griffin, Bob Lizik, Tom Radke, Joe Pasquale, Paulinho De Costa, Marc Russo, Michael Thompson, Waters Sisters, Jimmy Haslip, Billy War, Jim Beard, Jeff Porcaro, Timothy B. Schmit, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Sembello, Jay Graydon, Warren Wiebe.