Bruce Gaitsch: 1976 to 2020, a retrospective
EARPLAY "Rebirth 2"

CWF 2 is OUT today! Great review by CrypticRock


The term supergroup is often used to describe a collective of musicians who have earned accomplishments elsewhere, but join forces for something new. Sometimes effective, but other times a disappointment, if anything, it shows that talent/skill is only a portion of the equation for success. That in mind, Champlin Williams Friestedt makes a case for one of the stronger conglomerates to come together in recent years.

Some might say, “What in the world is Champlin Williams Friestedt?” The answer – former Chicago Singer Bill Champlin, TOTO Singer Joseph Williams, and Swedish Guitarist/Producer Peter Friestedt. Added to that explanation, those with a more casual outlook toward music, Champlin was a key component in Chicago’s resurgence in the 1980s and the lead voice behind their most successful single “Look Away.” This is not to mention he co-penned “After The Love Has Gone” for Earth, Wind & Fire and “Turn Your Love Around” for George Benson, among many other songs. Then there is Williams who fronted TOTO from 1986 to 1988, and again from 2010 to 2019. Finally, you have Peter Friestedt, an accomplished musician/producer who has worked with Champlin on various other occasions.