Tomi Malm "Coming Home"

Patty Smyth "It's About Time"


For years, whenever she performed a concert, Patty Smyth heard the same question from fans: “People would be like, ‘When are you gonna give us new music? When are you gonna give us new music?’ I kept saying, “I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it…’

“Finally I said, ‘Fuck it, man. I’ve just got to do it!'”

IT’S ABOUT TIME is Smyth doing it — for the first time in 28 years, not counting the 2015 holiday album COME ON DECEMBER. And on the eight-song set, produced in Nashville by Grammy Award-winner Dann Huff, the veteran songstress is doing it with the same passion, fire and provocative temperament that she’s displayed since her ferocious arrival with the band Scandal in 1982, except now with the perspective and wisdom of three more decades of life and legacy she’s attained during the interim.