Vince Dicola "Only Time Will Tell"
Robbie LaBlanc "Double Trouble"

BJATO "Crazy Game Of Love"


After the acclaimed debut album At Last, the talented and unique 'Backman Johanson and The Others' (BJATO) are back, and thrilled to announce the release of their follow up album Crazy Game Of Love.

BJATO'S music is well known for its West Coast Rock/AOR style. With a strong emphasis on well-arranged songs and chorus's, this new album has an exciting line up, with many of the musicians and singers who worked on the At Last album returning.

BJATO is delighted to have the talent of singers such as Viktor Johansson, Stefan Nykvist and Frode Vassel, to name a few, with the well known musicians Lenny Castro, Shem von Schroeck and Tomi Malm also performing on the Crazy Game of Love album. Most of the lyrics have been written again by UK lyricist Mellina Barnett (Melsi).

The Crazy Game Of Love album includes ten tracks - Mixed and Produced by Joakim Styren and assisted by the Swedish duo Kaj Backman and Mats Johanson.