Robbie LaBlanc "Double Trouble"
Doug Brons "Audio 1985"

Laurence Elder "Walk Another Mile"


"Welcome to my latest project, "Walk Another Mile."  The songs span a range of different themes, aiming for a unique approach, a few twists on familiar topics, and a touch of humor. Things like finding one's place and purpose, love and loss, facing  and overcoming challenges, reflecting on the past and dreaming about the future, can all be found weaving their way through the track list. If there is some common theme to be found, a larger arc that spans the trajectory of the entire work if you will, I'd like to think it's a positive, inspiring message. As a writer, I think the only way to give meaning to potential cliches such as "love is the answer," or  "never give up," is by keeping it real and drawing on personal experience.

Walk Another Mile in its essence affirms that we are all on a journey,  full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and punctuated by milestones and life-changing moments. Along the way hopefully we grow, become better at love, and closer to the best version of ourselves. This album is a window into my journey, and I hope that somewhere along the way you see yours in there as well.

The full album will be available everywhere on May 19th.  Download digitally or splurge and go old-school, get the physical album that you can hold in your hand (yes, apparently they still make those). In the meantime, enjoy the clips available here on the site-wide player. You can also purchase my first studio album, "Surrounded," right now. Thanks for visiting, reading, and most of all, thanks for listening!"

Laurence Elder