TIM were an 'almost super-group', at least with the benefit on hindsight they sure are. Not so much at the time of writing and recording this album in 1983. Regrettably, TIM members were so busy individually with sessions, and family commitments, that the band never made any more music together.

TIM is: Thom Griffin (Vocals, Guitar), Bruce Gaitsch (Guitars), Bob Lizik (Bass), Terry Tossing Esq: (Keyboards), Tom Radtke and Jim Hines (Drums).

Together they made an unreleased masterpiece. An album so good it would have challenged the other rock albums of 1983 for their dominance. Thom Griffin comments: “TIM was comprised entirely of session players from Chicago. We were consciously trying to be commercially viable. Bruce had a condo in downtown Chicago where we would meet between sessions to write. I believe we flushed out our ideas on a Fostex 4 track porta-studio.” Bruce Gaitsch claiming: “We were trying so hard to be Chicago's Toto!”


David Crosby "For Free"


On his new album For Free, coming out July 23rd via BMG, David Crosby shares the latest offering from a life devoted to the pure and powerful alchemy of music. Arriving just a month before his 80th birthday, For Free finds the folk-rock legend continuing to tap into the tremendous surge of creativity he’s experienced since the making of his acclaimed 2016 album Lighthouse, this time collaborating with the likes of Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Sarah Jarosz.

With a transcendent quality that lies somewhere between poetry, prayer, and wild-eyed rock-and-roll, For Free yet again reveals Crosby’s rare gift for imparting essential truths with both undeniable warmth and a profound sense of wonder.


Lindsey Buckingham


Lindsey Buckingham is his first solo release since 2011’s Seeds We Sow. As with the seven studio and three live albums he has released as a solo artist beginning with 1981’s Law and Order, the new project showcases Buckingham’s instinct for melody and his singular fingerpicking guitar style, reaffirming his status as one of the most inventive and electrifying musicians of his generation.

Written, produced and recorded by Buckingham at his home studio in Los Angeles, CA, the new album is a welcome display of Buckingham’s instantly recognizable guitar work and vocal layering, particularly on songs such as “Power Down,” “Scream” and “Swan Song.”

Nancy Wilson "You and Me"


"With her band Heart, Nancy Wilson has recorded 16 albums and sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Within that history-making career, You and Me represents something special, as it is Nancy Wilson's very first solo studio album. The title track 'You and Me,' as with several of the songs on the album, reunites Wilson with longtime collaborator Sue Ennis, who co-wrote many of Heart's classics with Nancy, and sister Ann.

'You and Me' highlights the intimate feel of the album. Nancy's singing is forward in the mix, her voice is spare, and the minimal production makes it feel like she's right there in the same room with you. Like all the legendary music she's created with Heart, 'You and Me' is an emotional, intimate conversation between a musician and an audience."

Doug Brons "Audio 1985"


Doug Brons fourth album has just been released. With "Audio 1985", Doug Brons took pleasure in paying homage to the music of this golden era by offering us 11 new songs inspired by artists such as Whitesnake, Toto, Foreigner, Mike & The Mechanics, Amy Grant or Mr Mister. Doug's magnificent voice is brilliantly accompanied by Tom Hemby, Dan Needham, Pat Coil, Mark & Graham Dowdy, Bill Compeau and Andrea Di Puccio. If like me you are nostalgic for this 80's soft rock music, you will love "Audio 1985".

Laurence Elder "Walk Another Mile"


"Welcome to my latest project, "Walk Another Mile."  The songs span a range of different themes, aiming for a unique approach, a few twists on familiar topics, and a touch of humor. Things like finding one's place and purpose, love and loss, facing  and overcoming challenges, reflecting on the past and dreaming about the future, can all be found weaving their way through the track list. If there is some common theme to be found, a larger arc that spans the trajectory of the entire work if you will, I'd like to think it's a positive, inspiring message. As a writer, I think the only way to give meaning to potential cliches such as "love is the answer," or  "never give up," is by keeping it real and drawing on personal experience.

Walk Another Mile in its essence affirms that we are all on a journey,  full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and punctuated by milestones and life-changing moments. Along the way hopefully we grow, become better at love, and closer to the best version of ourselves. This album is a window into my journey, and I hope that somewhere along the way you see yours in there as well.

The full album will be available everywhere on May 19th.  Download digitally or splurge and go old-school, get the physical album that you can hold in your hand (yes, apparently they still make those). In the meantime, enjoy the clips available here on the site-wide player. You can also purchase my first studio album, "Surrounded," right now. Thanks for visiting, reading, and most of all, thanks for listening!"

Laurence Elder

Robbie LaBlanc "Double Trouble"


"In 2019 Robbie LaBlanc (Blanc Faces/ Find Me) hooked up with Escape Music to do a “70’s and 80’s vibe” record and Robbie loved the idea. The result is this solo record, written and produced by Steve Overland and Tommy Denander.

The songs are fresh and vibrant, just what we need in these troubling times and with Robbie’s powerhouse vocals leading the way then we are all in for a real treat."

BJATO "Crazy Game Of Love"


After the acclaimed debut album At Last, the talented and unique 'Backman Johanson and The Others' (BJATO) are back, and thrilled to announce the release of their follow up album Crazy Game Of Love.

BJATO'S music is well known for its West Coast Rock/AOR style. With a strong emphasis on well-arranged songs and chorus's, this new album has an exciting line up, with many of the musicians and singers who worked on the At Last album returning.

BJATO is delighted to have the talent of singers such as Viktor Johansson, Stefan Nykvist and Frode Vassel, to name a few, with the well known musicians Lenny Castro, Shem von Schroeck and Tomi Malm also performing on the Crazy Game of Love album. Most of the lyrics have been written again by UK lyricist Mellina Barnett (Melsi).

The Crazy Game Of Love album includes ten tracks - Mixed and Produced by Joakim Styren and assisted by the Swedish duo Kaj Backman and Mats Johanson.

Vince Dicola "Only Time Will Tell"


Vince DiCola is a musician / songwriter from Pennsylvania and relocated to LA in 1981 to advance his career. This proved to be a wise move (see a partial list of credits below). Vince grew up listening to bands such as Genesis, Yes and ELP so progressive rock was high on his list of influences. In the early to mid-eighties Vince was involved in some well-known film scores such as “Staying Alive”, “Rocky IV” and “The Transformers:The Movie” and his song writing abilities shone through at a very early stage.

Fans may also remember Vince’s collaboration in the 1990’s with Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) and Rick Livingstone (Agent) on the highly regarded “Storming Heaven” release. Vince has been involved with some of the best musicians in the business over the years and the 13 songs listed here have been co-written and feature artists such as Bobby Kimball, Jason Scheff, Steve Walsh, Rick Livingstone, Roger Voudouris, Stan Bush, Mark Boals and Ellis Hall. The songs are just fantastic and the progressive element is particularly highlighted in the epic “Suffer the Children” featuring Steve Walsh.

Comparisons to Toto, Chicago, Kansas and many other melodic rock bands can be heard throughout. “Only Time Will Tell” is indeed a great album. Any one of these songs could easily be part of a big movie soundtrack and each song has its own individuality. And of course this album features some outstanding vocalists and musicians. A highlight of 2021!