Michael Tomlinson, his new album out soon


If we love Michael Tomlinson songwriting, guitar playing and beautiful voice, it's also because of the real friendship he has developed with his fans during all these years. Michael has now a long career and his latest effort available on his website is entitled "Friendship and Goodwill" a best of CD of his great work.

Michael Tomlinson has just sent us great news about his next album. Enjoy this piece of news:

"I'm near finishing my first full band CD in nearly a decade and it is going to have some wonderful songs on it. I have a feeling these songs could be played all over Europe. It's a mix of jazzy-pop and folk-pop. The wonderful guitarist, Miles Gilderdale of Acoustic Alchemy is playing on several songs and it's turning out to be a great pairing."

Craig Fuller Not Made in China album in progress


Craig Fuller is one of the great American country-rock singer/songwriter/guitarist. Ex-member of bands American Flyer and Little Feat, we also love his classic album "Craig Fuller and Eric Kaz" as a duet Fuller and Kaz (1978).

Currently a member of Pure Prairie League (he was co-founder of the combo in the early Seventies), Craig Fuller now works on his new solo album which will be entitled "Not Made In China". Please note that this summer at the Poco/Pure Prairie League concerts, they were selling T-shirts which read " Coming in 2007- Craig Fuller's " Not made in China" CD. There's still nothing firm yet, other than Craig Fuller 's still working on it. As he said " There's still a few months left in 2007." No further details are available at this time.

Amy Holland McDonald, details about her new album


Amy Holland gives more details about her new album on her MySpace pages and you can listen a new tune about her new album there: Miracle River.

Amy Holland McDonald new album will feature 12 songs. Sharro Forrest plays drums on it and had been mixing the songs with MichaelMcDonald longtime music partner Bernie Chiaravalle. Songs on the album were written by Amy Holland and Bernie Chiaravalle with collaborations from John Goodwin, Jon Vezner, Chazz Frichtel, Michael McDonald and a song contribution from Robben Ford.

Musicians include Shannon Forrest (on drums(, John Deaderick and Tim Akers (on keyboards) and Dylan Morrison (on bass on a song). Vince Gill does some vocals and Michael McDonald also sings on a couple of things.

On his website, Bernie Chiaravalle gives another piece of news about Amy Holland. Check it out:

One song from that record (Amy Holland CD) called "Miracle River" will be also featured on a compilation CD called "Songs of Hope" with a portion of proceeds going to breast cancer research. Also the album will be Carly Simon, Earth, Wind & Fire, David Pack, Olivia Newton John and more.

Amy Holland McDonald has a new website coming soon at this address.

Bobby Caldwell will sings on the next Jason Miles project "What's Goin' On : The Music of Marvin Gaye"

According Smooth Jazz Vibes Bobby Caldwell will sing on "Distant Lover" a song on the next Jason Miles project "What's Goin' On : The Music of Marvin Gaye".

On his last album, producer and keyboardist Jason Miles – who has collaborated with many of the top names in smooth jazz – invoked the sprit of the late jazz trumpeter Miles Davis with a work called Miles to Miles.

Now Miles has his sights on the songs of Marvin Gaye for a CD he’s just finished recording called What’s Goin’ On: The Music of Marvin Gaye. Miles rearranged many of Marvin’s greatest hits and enlisted several top-notch musicians to help him, like Bobby Caldwell, guitarist Nick Colionne on “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” Spyro Gyra saxophonist Jay Beckenstein on “Too Busy Thinkin’ Bout My Baby” and trumpeter Herb Alpert on “Let’s Get It On.” As always, Miles assembled a killer rhythm section with bassists Marcus Miller, Scott Ambush and James Genus, drummer Gene Lake and percussionist Cyro Baptista on board here.

Among the CD’s other songs are such Marvin Gaye nuggets as “What’s Goin’ On,” “Sexual Healing,” “Mercy Mercy Me” and “Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing.” There's a good mixture of instrumental and vocal tunes, with some inspired singing by Mike Mattison, Chiara Civello, James "D Train" Williams and Guida DePalma.

Miles says the idea for the CD came on an October evening at a restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard that was playing Marvin Gaye songs. Miles is no stranger to compilations. He has produced several other concept albums, including To Grover, With Love, Celebrating the Music of Weather Report and A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins.

What’s Goin’ On: The Music of Marvin Gaye will be available Feb. 7 on the Narada label.

After listening to an advance copy of this CD, I feel condident in saying it's one of the best tribute projects to come down the road in a long time. Miles takes Marvin's music in a new direction, and it's exhilarating.

Jazz guitarist Ken Wessel on new Donald Fagen Album

News from allaboutjazz website

“A few weeks back, I posted that a friend of a friend -- who happens to be a jazz guitarist -- was invited to participate in the sessions for the new Donald Fagen album. As promised, here are the sordid details:

My friend Steve (who among other things, works for WFMU / 91.1FM here in the tri-state area) was in NYC visiting his friends, Kenny Wessel and his wife Diana. Wessel is a jazz guitar player who played with Ornette Coleman's Prime Time band. He's the guitarist on 'Prime Time' -- the only studio recording Ornette did in those years. While playing with Ornette, he befriended tabla player Badal Roy. Kenny and Badal -- and Stomu Takeishi, jazz bassist -- had a trio for a while and apparently recorded an album; they also played on WFMU once or twice.

While being visited by my friend Steve, Wessel apparently said “Guess who I just recorded with...?” It seems that another friend/colleague/bass player of Wessel was working with Fagen, recording in NYC. When Fagen mentioned he was looking for a guitar player to do some specific parts, the bass player mentioned Kenny Wessel. Fagen allegedly listened to Wessel's work on CD and called him. They hit it off, Kenny went down to the studio, read the parts, played with Fagen a bit, and then (later, Steve assumes) returned to record. He said Fagen liked what he did and they talked about it going on the record, but, said Wessel (astutely), he'll believe it when he sees it. While it's not much in terms of specifics, should Wessel's work make it onto the master tape(s), you'll know how Fagen came to use his talents.”

“Local boys / will spend a quarter / just to shine the silver bowl...” - Steely Dan, 'Glamour Profession'

Steve Lukather on new INXS album

After months of heated speculation, INXS have embraced Canadian singer J.D. Fortune as their new lead vocalist. The new INXS will immediately head into the studio with producer Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) to begin work on their Epic Records debut, entitled SWITCH. The highly anticipated album is scheduled for a 29 November release.

Steve Lukather (from Toto): "I was at the INXS final taping and after party, you would think *I* was famous, hahaha. JD is actually a nice guy. I think he took a "humble pill", hahaha. He is from where Shawn is from in Canada and was way cool. Different than on TV... thank God. I LOVE those guys and I would do anything for them. I am gonna play on the new record for a laugh. They did the right thing and I wish them ALL the success."

Toto new album on the way, new Toto album


Toto new album on the way, new Toto album.

From MelodicRock.com, some update by Steve Lukather about new Toto album:

"Some big names of melodic rock are in the studio this year, with albums due from Night Ranger, Survivor, Journey and Hardline. One of the most anticipated albums currently being recorded is from that classic band Toto.
Things are going well for the guys and I've kept in touch with guitarist Steve Lukather about the band's progress. But time for him to go on record me thinks, so over to Steve:
"Our new record is really coming out better than we could have hoped for, therefore we are taking longer to get it all right before it comes out. We were hoping for the Fall and that may still happen but reality is Jan 2006 and our world tour starts end of Feb..."

And what the band has planned might prove to surprise and please long time fans. Steve continues: "The direction is varied. Its much heavier and more prog is SOME ways, yet still groovin and very melodic in others. The band as a whole have written 95% of the whole record with one of mine and ond one of Paich's that we wrote alone. Greg Phillinganes is now an official 6th member writing, singing and playing WITH David Paich.
Steve Porcaro (his finest work to date in my opinion!) is doing all the weirder synth stuff with the 2 of them 3 keyboard players on this record, well 4 if you include me - as I played piano on one of my ballads. BUT...there is still a LOT of guitar. I am trying to do some weirder stuff but stuff that fits the music."

"If ya wanna come out and see me play as fast as I can then come out and see my fusion tour this summer in Europe. hahaha. With Toto its more about melody and "finess" and trying NOT to play the same old stuff. I got a few flash moments but as I am 47 years old I am not into music as a sport anymore. I dig all the technique, LOVE it and love all the guys that do it. I guess I just want to do the right thing for tune. I am gettin off on the overall sound of the band, not just me wanking away. hahaha."

"I am gonna let Steve P. fuck around with some of my solos in his "Eno-ish" way and see what happens. The songs are a bit longer and not your classic 'lets get it on the radio' style. No point, as radio won't touch us with a 100 foot pole BUT that doesn't mean we are defeated. Quite the contrary really. It's like having freedom for the first time to do what WE wanna do without the constraints from record co. clowns and/or A&R weasels that wouldn't know if something was good until it bled out the hole of their teeny little cocks...but I am not bitter. HAHAHAHA KIDDING!"

And any guests on the upcoming album? "Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull did a little guest thing for us on a piece that was crying for only HIM. He is a great guy and a dear friend and did as a favor for us. It's way cool as we are all old Tull fans from the 70's. Lenny Castro is on percussion as always and we are trying to get Joseph Williams to make a guest appearance for old times sake and there will be a few more unusual guests. We have 8 tunes we dig alot. We need 2 more really killer ones we hope to write and finish by the end of the week and then we will do all the work on those and mix."

And I had to ask Steve if there was a working title for the album. Not as yet it seems. Steve continues: "Title for the record ?? Not yet. The humourous ones always come first and we ARE a bunch of sick fuckers believe me. Those that know me will attest. hahaha I thought "Shart" would be a good one. KIDDING! hahahahaha. We will be serious and are starting to look at ideas for artwork and titles this week. That's all for now. check in with me later and i will have more to tell. thanks to all out there in Melodic world for the support. Hope we don't let ya down!"

Toto - Live in Amsterdam (DVD + CD Collector's Edition): ORDER IT NOW.

Carrie Underwood new album, Carrie Underwood new album on the way


Carrie Underwood new album, Carrie Underwood new album on the way.

Carrie Underwood, American Idol 4 winner has signed a deal with Arista Records and her new single "Inside Your Heaven" will be in the stores on June 14.

After competing against more than 100,000 contestants, Carrie Underwood, the country girl from Oklahoma that won the hearts of America by winning this year's American Idol competition on May 25th, has made her recording deal official. Underwood has signed to Arista Records with legendary music man Clive Davis, Chairman of BMG U.S., in conjunction with Simon Fuller and 19 Recordings Limited.

Carrie Underwood joins the ranks of other Idols that have gone on to have outstanding music careers under the guidance of Davis such as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Fantasia who are all platinum artists and have collectively sold over 12 million albums and climbing. Clive Davis will also produce, in conjunction with Simon Fuller, Carrie Underwood's full-length debut album to be released this Fall.

The American Idol original composition "Inside Your Heaven" which Carrie Underwood sang brilliantly at the finale was serviced to radio immediately following the taping. The single, backed with her version of Martina McBride's "Independence Day," will hit retail outlets on June 14th.

Carrie Underwood, 22 years old from Checotah, OK, was crowned the American Idol winner at the two-hour finale held at the Kodak Theater, in Los Angeles, on May 25th averaging over 30 million viewers. American Idol has been nominated for eight Emmy Awards and is created and executive produced by Simon Fuller, founder of 19 Entertainment. American Idol is the #1 show of the current television season

The RCA Music Group, which includes J Records, RCA Records and Arista Records, is a Sony BMG-owned label group. The J Records roster is home to platinum superstars Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, Luther Vandross,Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, Maroon5, Gavin DeGraw, Cassidy and Monica among others. RCA Records is home to superstar artists Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters,The Strokes, Velvet Revolver, Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Heather Headley and more. The Arista Records family includes all-time superstars Sarah McLachlan, Santana, Dido, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Babyface and Kenny G.

Carrie Underwood "Inside Your Heaven / Independence Day" new CD single: ORDER IT NOW.

Frankie Sullivan talks about a new Survivor album!


Survivor's fans will be happy to read Frankie Sullivan (lead guitar) talking about a brand new album on survivormusic.com

Frankie says in brief: "Yes, it is true. We have been recording a CD of ALL NEW MATERIAL and are in the mist of a couple of labels bidding on it. You have never heard these songs."

"We spent about 3 months in my new home town recording. I had Tim LeBlanc come in, work with Phil Bonnano on the recording process, and then following by doing the mixing."

"The sooner we get the new CD out the better because it is all new tunes that you guys have never heard before and we all want to know what you think. We have 2/3 of the CD Recorded and completed all the way though Mix. When we sign on with a label, in the next few weeks, you’ll be the first to know."

"Personally, I have high hopes you’ll love it and cannot wait to hear and read your feedback. Was it worth the wait? Well, the only ones who will give us that answer are you, the great Survivor Fans who have been asking, wanting, and waiting for new music for years! This a newly charged band with no ties to the past other than the older hit tunes. Why re record demos of tunes from the 90’s when we can simply work the craft and write new ones from 2004 – 2005! "


Don Henley (from The Eagles), Don Henley projects with and without the Eagles


Don Henley (from The Eagles), Don Henley projects with and without the Eagles.

Don Henley happens to be in the Eagles, a band that sells out arenas in a matter of hours, which makes it easy to forget that he also has a long-running solo career.

So how has the Eagles ongoing "farewell" tour - perhaps only Cher has taken a longer final bow - affected Don Henley's own touring and recording schedule?

"It has the effect of putting my solo material on hold," Don Henley says by phone from his Dallas home. "I need to get into the studio and do some material.

"I have a contract with Warner Bros., and I owe them two solo albums. There's also the possibility of finishing an Eagles album of new material, so you combine that with raising three kids and all my environmental work, and there's not enough hours in the day. I hope I live long enough to get all of these things done."

Don Henley also would like to do an album that charts the history of blues and seminal R&B music of Northeast Texas, the region where he was raised. He also wants to do a collection of standards, but not the way that Rod Stewart did.

"I want to do an album of nouveau standards. A lot of other people have done the old standards to death, but there are a lot of songwriters still living and working today who have been overlooked: Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello."

There's also the lingering talk of a new Eagles album, a tantalizing prospect for all those fans snatching up concert tickets as fast as they go on sale.

"It's in limbo," Don Henley says of the new album. "That may or may not happen. Some stuff is recorded but, in my opinion, we still have a lot of work to do. I think we can do better."

Don Henley is on this summer with Stevie Nicks, which he says he would put on the shelf for the Eagles.

"I'll probably end up doing that tour, but if I thought the Eagles could be productive in the studio, I'd probably cancel that tour. But I haven't been given the indication that there will be anything more than golf for some of the other band members."

Please note "Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne" new DVD from The Eagles will be released on June 7th and you can now order your copy.

"Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne" new DVD from The Eagles: ORDER IT NOW.